Match Fixing Committed In the World Cup Afghanistan Vs Scotland Match, Suggests Numerology
Prasant | 26 Feb 2015

Not only the clues visible to the viewers, even the numerical clues hints at the possibility of match fixing being done in the ongoing world cup.

While ICC claims that they are quite stringent about illegally changing the match results, there are strong evidences of fixing being done in the Scotland V Afghanistan match played on Feb 26th. Numerology highlights few strong points regarding this matter, lets hope ICC officials investigate this match.

In one of the other predictions [made for bihar CM], I had told media about the logic of number 21 generating its half like number 25. Both represent a strong pair.

Afghanistan captain Mohammad Nabi has birth date 1, complete birth date total as 25, and the total of both equalling to 26.

Coming back to this match, the first wicket during the 1st batting fell at seven runs. The pattern 7/1 has the tendency to change to 2/1. And this is the half pair for Nabi's 25. Even the score came 210 all out.

It is healthy for all of you to know that the 'runs scored and balls faced' details of the first batsman getting out represents that team which is going to win that match. And the details of the second batsman getting out represent that team which will face defeat.

In the second wicket, we find these details.Scotland batsman, Gardiner, got out making 5 runs in 20 balls creating this pattern.

                          5 + 20 = 25

Last night, when I presented the logic for today match, I had pointed at this hint.

Afghanistan team captain Nabi complete birth date total is 25, but the 47 changes to 52 which is in reverse order to his total.

This hint, actually showed up in the live stats. But, the result was the opposite, this team has won the match. While the presence of twenty five in 2nd wicket details indicates Nabi' team Afghanistan's defeat, their win is strongly hinting at the possibility of fraud done, match being fixed in the second half of the game.

Further, the prediction read- Number 26 creates its half number 13 and when added to 18, finally creates a 31. Scotland team captain Momsen's complete birth date total is 31. So, this should favor his team.

The target came exactly in the same figures, 180 + 31 = 211. Here, I forgot to tell that matrix total of the captain can tolerate digit reversal. Number 31 is the half pair for 62, and Nabi's twenty six can tolerate it.

Also, today's date details total has a 44 which is same when looked from left to right or right to left. And hence, the 47 creating 52 had the effect of 25 too. Number twenty five pairs with 21, the score were in exact figures. Despite all these, I still feel that the second wicket hint 5 plus 20= 25, hinting at Nabi's defeat was very accurate and strong point. The actual result should have been Scotland's win. The results have been tampered with at any later stage of the innings.

ICC officials should investigate this particular match between Afghanistan Vs Scotland. The numerology highlights at the possibility of a match fixing being done.

Number 44 further strengthens my stand, this number particularly represents crime and mega fraud being done. The match result is, clearly, not clean of criminal manipulations. Cricket game is not to be used by criminals for earning bucks, it is to be played in the most natural and honest manner.