MEAL SNAP- Amazing I-Phone Application which help you count those Calories!
ISHA SHARMA | 14 Apr 2011

I-Phone users have many applications to chose and keep them engrossed and busy .So, now a new I-Phone application have been launched way will prove a great help to all the fitness freaks for sure. The new application has been created by which just taking a picture of your daily meal can instantly reveal the amount of calorie the food item has.

The application is called the “MEAL SNAP” which has been especially developed by Daily Burn, which is none other than a famous Social Network which has always lived up to its reputation of creating great DIET applications. After the snap of the particular food item is taken, within just few seconds the pictures is matched within some 500,000 other food items in the database list and thus the CALORIE ALERT for that food item is immediately told to the users.

The calorie is counted and also the amount of PROTEINS, FATS, and CARBOHYDRATES the food contains which is surelm,y very useful to the users and especially fitness freaks. Andy Smith who is also the CEO of Daily Burn also added that it can also be used by the social Networking users as the food pictures can also be shared on Twitter or Four Square which also adds on to the SOCIAL Accountability.

This application claims to be improving health of the user as now a user can easily keep a track of his/her food habits and also keep a visual record of his food habits. Meal snap is easily available on the iTunes Stores at an economic price value of just $2.99.