Media and Anna's movement
Deepali | 19 Apr 2011

Media, a word which is very necessary today. A word that brings reality into our  home. It today serves with minute to minute updates as we switch on the television sets. It plays a dual role of informing as well as motivating us to commit actions. The same happens when media exaggeratedly covers the Anna Hazare’s movement at Janter Mantar.

 Anna’s cause is just one example. Media today runs a good business of showing 24x7 live coverage of every event. Firstly in the world cup where media decided the fate of every cricketer and match previously and now this movement where media worked as a catalyst to people mind. Last time Dhoni and Sachin were there hero and this time Anna.

 Looking on other side, Media especially electronic plays a very important role in cases like this. Print media provides full report of the previous day but electronic media provide the minutest update from Anna’s meeting with ministers to his first drink after the fast. On one hand English news channels portrayed the story in much object able way where on the other hand Hindi news channels planted their own stories on it where half of the information was fake and untrue. Whether Hindi or English both media covered Anna’s storeys live 24 by 7. Watching TV at home seems we all are sitting at Janter manter and are the part of this movement. It’s more like a 24 hour movie and we in theatres watching it. The whole channel with it sets and instruments moved to Jantar mantar and covered the story sitting there. Senior journalists like Rajdeep  Sardesai, Sagarika Gosh telecasted there days program from jantar mantar. This was the historic moment not only for Indians but also for Indian media and media coverage was also historic.

 Media‘s role in this movement is both appreciating and criticizing. If I talk about the positive impact of media’s coverage then media gave a hero to this nation i.e; Anna Hazare. This campaign reached to the remotest corner through media. Sitting home and watching the crusade seems we are at jantar mantar as everything were shown live. The CNN-IBN’s anti corruption campaign was remarkable. It was media’s self effort to erode corruption from grass root level. It also showed how the youth today is coming forward and showing interest in the process. News channels totally backs Anna Hazare.

 Giving the minute to minute updates is necessary today as 100 of channels today trying hard to capture viewers eye. But sticking to one story, planting several stories from one is what media did in the movement. This is again pointabe. Unreal news like Anna got 1 crore for this campaign is what most of the channels did. Media also romanticize this issue. Moreover TV coverage was one sided and media did not made a single effort to understand governments perspective. Most of channels in Delhi focus more on Delhi News and also expert in exaggerating the news.

 Everyone agrees Media is important today. But Negative view and unethical coverage is where it lacks.