Men and Women are same human beings except for their biological differences
Satbir Singh Bedi | 08 Sep 2014

Men and Women are the same human beings except for biological differences. Women can cheat like men and can extracts financial benefits from men just as men can exploit women for financial gains.

Women are no Devis to be worshiped but they can be criminals and indulge in both economic as well as other crimes. They can not only misuse the anti-dowry laws and domestic violence Act but can also murder their husbands or paramours or their live-in partners.

They are just as spiritual as men are and most of them are just as materialistic as their menfolk. Women can be as much of a politician as men are and contrary to the popular belief, they can be as daring as men are and certainly some of them are more intelligent, more brainy and more brave than men. They can run an office or a factory as easily as a man can.

They can even manage men better than men themselves. So, it is the height of folly to accord them special privileges merely because of their physical weakness. They can make up for their physical weakness with their physical charms and lure men to do incredible act like murdering their own loved ones.

It is best to treat both men and women on equal footing and have gender neutral laws. Just as a man can be a saint, dacoit, murderer, honest, dishonest or cunning, the same way a woman can be a saint, dacoit, murderer, honest, dishonest or cunning.