Men in uniform - insensitive to crimes in capital
Guhiamliu Riamei | 24 Mar 2011

DELHI BEING the capital city, thousands of people migrate to the city every year. With the increase in the number of migrants, crimes tends to get multiplied and intensified. Every day, crimes are committed in the city. In fact, Delhi is losing its security despite being the capital of the country.
It is here that top cops are working for the security. However, in some way or the other, the men in uniform seems to ignore the crimes being committed in the city. They are insensitive towards the crimes which pop up in the city.

They are not keen to take up initiatives to ensure security until some serious crimes are committed.  The Delhi police are not ready to register various crime cases, rather they would waste time in fighting over the area or jurisdiction without registering the cases. There have been several occasions when the family of the victim is asked to go to other police station for registering the case. For instance, in case of kidnapping, they would ask the family to register or file an FIR to the police station of the area where the victim resides or to register the matter to the police station where the victim was last seen or abducted, thereby giving the accused ample time and opportunity to escape.
The cops would then take time to trace the accused only when the family or the public push them to the seriousness of the case. In fact, the police seems to get alert only when the public protest to bring justice to the victim. However, since the cops were insensitive to the matter in the initial stage, they would delay the case and also in bringing justice to the victim.

One of the major reason for the increase in the number of crimes in the capital is the insensitivity of the Delhi who are supposed to keep vigil for the security of the city. The men in uniform need to realize that so long as they remain insensitive and in alert to the situation, security cannot be attained. They must feel responsible to ensure that the capital city is secured.