Men, the real victims
Piyush sharma | 17 Sep 2017

We in India have come a long way from what is called a "male dominated society". Undoubtedly, there are areas where women are browbeaten but this does not deny the fact that men are more "preyed on" in Indian society.

We no more live in the times where women were inferior, defenseless, non-competitive, relying on men for survival or confined to being wives and mothers. Now women are in line with men and even ahead when it comes to special privileges. Numerous organizations of both state and national level including the non government ones are entirely dedicated to the protection of women's rights.  

But how often do we bother about men's rights?

Believing that women are victimized on numerous grounds in our country as well as other, we by degrees are known to a number of organizations supporting the cause of women empowerment and welfare which is certainly noticeable and appreciated however when talking about equality gifted by constitution it is not just a need but our duty to take a stand for exploitation against our Men.

This concern could not have even brought up unless a writ petition  was filed by an IPS officer Amitabh Thakur  in the Lucknow bench of Allahabad high court weighting misuse law by women, the grounds demanding Men's law commission are surprisingly factual surveys which needs to be felt b all individuals.

These includes examples of divorce cases where in more than 90% cases men pay alimony and still lose child custody, studies also show that men commits double the number of suicides than women, sadly, Men get at least 60% longer sentences than women who commit the same crime. According to a recent postgraduate study by a Delhi university student 40% of the domestic violence incidents are against men. Up to 80% of the men are homeless,Lower standards are accepted for women in many entrance tests. Female students are given grace marks in centers of excellence like IIMs, and deserving male students are deprived of education.Men experience gender stereotyping by society as being violent, abusers, etc., whereas the expectation is a man will be the protector of society.Violence against men by women is more socially acceptable and sometimes a matter humor and men are silent because of the fear of being unacceptable or ashamed.

 A male right activist swaroop sarkar mentioned ""When a woman gets raped there is society and police and law to support her, but when a man gets raped there is no law, no support system, and no one is even going to understand his pain", which is true to its every sense. However fortunately, some real sensitive women have come up to support the along with the men being called the real feminists to be strong enough to support men.

As a convincing statement my Idea for having a men's rights commission is not  an idea against protection of women's rights and empowerment or feminism, but with the point of equality for both, let women and men have their own backing bodies and let the judiciary decide women who the real victims are, Let the women become stronger by enjoying their rights with fair judgment and let not one gender be victimized over another.