Mentally ill women and prostitutes are prone to HIV/AIDS
Satbir Singh Bedi | 02 Dec 2013

I have read many articles based on real life stories in various magazines/newspapers from all over the world that mentally ill women many times get infected with HIV/AIDS. Actually, when a woman is too mentally ill, she is not aware of what she is doing or what is happening to her. In other words, she is operating out of context with reality and unable to take care of herself. So, unscruplous men take advantage of such women and infect them with HIV/AIDS, having themselves been infected with such disease because of indiscriminate sexual behaviour.

So, there is an urgent need to save such mentally ill women from these unscruplous men who are forcing the former to undergo a slow death. Similarly, many unscruplous men who know that they are infected with HIV/AIDS do not take precautions and despite protests from the concerned prostitutes do not use condoms thereby infecting such prostitutes with HIV/AIDS which not only leads to the death of the concerned prostitute but makes her spread this disease more and more. In this direction, nothing is being done by the Government.

Government should pass some law to detect men having HIV/AIDS and isolate them and quarantine them so that they could not exploit any mentally ill woman or any prostitute and infect the latter with HIV/AIDS. A High Powered Committee should be set up by the Government to go through all such cases and make recommendations in this regard and see to it that the recommendations made by the Committee are implemented.