Merchant Navy Essay Compettion
Hemant | 01 Mar 2008

www.marinersnetwork.com , A Nowledge Sharing Merchant Navy Club has launched an essay competition in percursor to National Maritime day. Anyone can participates in the essay compettion and prizes are Sponsored by Leading Ship Management Companies in Indi

To Popularize Merchant Navy as a career and to Highlight contribution of shipping to the International economy, www.marinersnetwork.com, A Knowledge Sharing Merchant Navy club and The Marine World, A Shipping Magazine has launched a Proud To Be Mariners Campaign and An Essay Competion.

Prizes of INR 21000 are sponsored by Wallem ship Managment and Other Prizes of INR 11000 are Sponsored by Mitsui OSK Line of Japan and its indian office.

This event will be percursor to The National Maritime Day Celebrations in India till 5th of April, 2008.


The Contest is Open to All, Be It  Students, Seafarers,
Friends and Families of Seafarers , Marine Organizations, Companies  or anyone who wish to promote shipping etc. We look forward to participation from all seafarers and their families.

Essay Topics

1. Why I am proud To Be A Mariner?
2. Contribution of Marine Community to Indian/ World Society in Last 100 Years.
3. Significance of Maritime Trade to World Economy and Civilization.
4. What Me or My Organization have done or are doing for the welfare of the society or to enhance the profile of mariners in Indian Society?
5. What steps should be taken to expand Marine Businesses in India? You can either write about general steps to expand Marine Businesses as a whole or concentrate on a subtopic in this category. Sub Topics : Maritime Education, Shipbuilding, Offshore Industry, Dredging, Maritime Manning, Marine Finance, Port Facilities.

6.Taking a realistic stock, what are roadblocks to Maritime Progress of India and what can / should be done to streamline procedures for more productivity.?

7. 1. Why We are proud to have a Mariner in Our Family? ( Special Prize in This Category)
( As a spouse or an offspring or sibling)

How To Participate

1. Essay should be Minimum 400 words long. There is no upper limit but reasonable Lmit of 3000 words should be maintained.
2. Send Your entries by email to admin@themarineworld.com or by Post Marked “ PMC Essay Contest: Entry” in subject to The Marine World ,301 Gauri Complex, Sector-11, CBD Belapur, Navi Mumbai – 400614,India ,Tel:- +91-22-27580009 / 65231706 / 65231710, Fax:- +91-22-27580602 

3. You can send as many entries as you like. You can post Your ideas on Website Forum for others to view , www.marinersnetwork.com
4. Entry should reach our mailbox by 25th March 2008. Prizes will be announced on 31st March, 2008 and Distributed in a Ceremony in Mumbai on 5th April 2008.
5. Decision of The Jury will be final. From 25th March 2008, Selected Papers will be displayed on Our Websites for Reader Votes.
6. Mention Your Name, Age, Rank/ designation, name of organization, email, phone number and address with the entry.


Winning entries will be Awarded Plaques and Cash prizes. Prizes will be distributed during National Maritime Day Celebrations,2008.
First Prize is INR 21000. Second and Third prizes are INR 11000 and INR 5000 respectively. Prizes are Sponsored by some of the leading Ship Management Companies of The World. Prize sponsors are Wallem Ship Managment and Mitsui OSK Line.


Deciding Jury will consist of 5-7 eminent Maritime Education and Business personalities who will decide on the best entries and prize winners.

Discussion Forum

More than a contest, this is a consensus building exercise. Even if You don’t want to participate in Contest, send your ideas and comments for other to review and comment upon. Log on to www.marinersnetwork.com.

Send Us an Event

Proud To Be Mariners is an platform to showcase your event , contribution to society. Please send us the details and schedule of your events for Printing in The Magazine and Website. Join PMC Events

The Marine World ,301 Gauri Complex, Sector-11, CBD Belapur, Navi Mumbai – 400614,India ,Tel:- +91-22-27580009 / 65231706 / 65231710, Fax:- +91-22-27580602