Meri Bhi Car
Placida Dsouza | 18 Jul 2017

In olden days owning car was a royal prestige. There were these royal families who owned cars of various shapes, sizes and model. The passbyers just watched the car owners and their royal style of travel. Cars were used for various functions and occasions. Royality was counted on the car decoration and the style of moving them. Royal people still own the cars they have and store it as their treasure.

Now a days purchasing car is a common man treat, moreover EMI facilities have made it more convenient for buying the desire. What about those who cannot afford car they have ……..these……….OLA, UBER, MERU etc.

Common to common people have have quit on kali palli taxi and with the help of so called mobile app, one can book any preferred vehicle of their choice. What happens then?

Every person traveling in a private car thinks they own the car. There is a feeling of pride that the car belongs to me. The outsider watcher does not know whether the car is hired or owned. Some car with the tag of tourist and those branded are recognized easily but if they are not labeled then nobody can make out. Then it looks like the owner is having driver to drive the car…..woow what a feeling.

This is what I feel whenever I look at somebody in the car (hired car). I think on their behalf and it gives me a happy feeling of satisfaction of owing a car and my heart starts expressing…MERI BHI CAR HAI