Microsoft launches internet explorer 9
ISHA SHARMA | 17 Mar 2011

 Microsoft,the Software Giant of the world has proudly launched Microsoft explorer 9 to its audiences. What the people call IE9. The officials claims that it will be available in 30 Languages and the Vice-president of the Dean Hechamovitch calls it as a GOOD DAY for the web. It is supposed yo be the master of  all as it is considered to attract the coustomers by making the wiondows 7 a better experience by adding a different touch to the visuals and videos and games.

Its a great time for the MICROSOFT company ,a complete gala time as websites like google,Hilu,Pandora,facebook and twitter have adopted the IE9 as well. They altogether plans to make web a fantasy world with 40 million copies of IE9 claims to have already been downloaded reveals the official release by the Microsoft company.The best part of IE9 being that the Microsoft doesn’t charge seperately for downloading IE9 but the browser is included in the windows software and it seems that the users have found all reasons to be happy and contended.

After micrfosoft stepped ahead with such a great innovation,othet rivals have a big reasons to be insecure and get a reality check on what they are offering their users.As the browser is the mosteminent part for the users who surf the net very frequently to work,Windows is anytime a better option they can procced. The browswer is bound to create interest in the users as a daily life of a user is incomplete without internet and if browser is s good as IE,what more does a user needs.?