Middle of an ordinary life, Love is a fairy tale
Thashneem Sunil | 14 Feb 2014

It was the era of Roman Empire, where the militants were forbidden to get married. It was St. Valentine of Rome who performed weddings for soldiers and as a result, imprisoned and sentenced to death.

        After which, the Church chose mid-February to celebrate Valentine’s Day and Pope Gelasius declared February 14th as Valentine’s Day.

        Today, 62% of Americans celebrate Valentine’s Day. Not only in US, almost the entire world greet the day with colours of contentment. It is filled with full of amazements, bags of gift, and assortments of chocolates & tons of happiness.

       On this wonderful day, let us discuss something good about love. The best thing about love is – the time you realize the love for a person you adore. It’s just overwhelming…. You can’t sleep properly, you can’t eat healthy, and you might start liking isolation. Same time, the tautness whether your love proposal will be acknowledged or rejected will also be a sweet poison.

       Once you get a green signal, you will be at the top of the world. You regret you don’t have wings to hover out of glee.

       The heart doesn’t stop craving as it twitches expecting more and more. The first wish would be tight hugs then gradually a kiss and again a kiss still harder. Okay! Now let me leave this to your imagination.

       Many things seem to be different…. More than the anticipations, satisfying others expectation matters more. Life looks like a fairy-tale.

       It is here, one understands the gist of love, at the same time, the meaning of love depends on the person as well. For few it is existence, for few it is a commitment, for few it is “hinky pinky ponky”, few it is time pass, for few it is breath, for few it is non – sense and for few it is “let me take a ride”

       Initially, a couple swiftly expresses the love and care, progressively things incline and they are reluctant to express the feelings assuming that the other would understand.

       Remember; if you love someone show it and don’t forget that it should be an on-going process.

       Love can be expressed in many ways, to list down a few:

       A sincere compliment from the heart can be subtle way of letting your loved one know how much you admire him or her.

       Say “I love you” – do it in person as it is hefty than over a text or an email.

       Write a nice letter, preferably do it with a pen and paper instead of a computer as handwriting is unique & adds a personal touch.

       Initiating physical contact lets him or her know you want more closeness. While walking together or sitting near other person; try touching his or her arm lightly during a conversation. Most interesting would be putting an arm around the other person’s shoulders.

       Keep in mind! Everyone’s relationship is unique. So keep your terms alive by staying involved with each other, getting through conflict, communicating, keeping physical intimacy alive, spending quality time together & learn from the situations.

       On this Valentine’s Day, let’s take up a resolution to fanfare love & create each minute a magnificent moment for our precious ones.

       Love & Be Loved – It’s Amazing!!!