Kamal | 10 May 2006

Mr. Mushtkeen, Developed a small helicopter.

A resident of village rataul, Distt. Bagpat, Uttar Pradesh has developed a small helicopter. He has named it minicopter. His parents have 8 children out of which Mushtkeen is youngest. 24 years old. Mushtkeen visited Defence pavallion in trade fair. he was excited to see helicopter and small flying machines. He decided to make his own flying machine. He studied the design of a helicopter without touching it from a distance of 20 feet. In 14 months time he spent around 1.25 lakhs on making of this minicopter.

On 1st may 2006 when he decided to test its flying. He took it to the open feild. Local police arrested him and put him in lock up. Mr. Juiad Faridi, pradhan of the village took interest in this matter and invited NDTV to present this story in front of nation. Prof. Anil K Gupta of national Innovtion Foundation took interest in it and arranged a panel of flying specialits and sent to the site of the innovator. Capt. Gaonkar from Mumbai who is a helicopter Piolet and Capt. Sanjay Gupta if Air India, Kamal Jeet, Network Collborator NIF- Delhi Area, Mr. Rajeev Singhal, from GIAN Jaipur visited the site of the Innovator and evaluated the flying machine. Both the captains gave comments in front of media and entire village. Though it is a commendable effort and a great source of inspiration for all villagers and nation. But this machines has so many bottlenecks. it cannot fly. Prof. Anil K Gupta, executive Vice chairperson of NIF has taken lot of interest in this technology and as adding value to the raw innovations is the mandate of NIF.