Miraculous Photo hits the Web

MORE THAN 5000 years old ancient Indian Vedic science formula disclosed - a lifeless photo of Guru Siyag takes over and controls the body movements of humans, sitting anywhere in the world, remotely induces automatic kundalini controlled body movements to purify the body, mind and soul, curing diseases like cacer, aids, hepatitis, diabetes, immunising body defence mechanism, without spending money, because guru siyag has made this disclosed formula of siddha yoga "method of meditation" along with the miraculous photo available on the web, and the people who experimented it themselves, have forwarded this message of miracles by guru siyag photo all over the world on the web. millions of people across the world are downloading this method free of cost from the web by using search engines. getting all the benefits sitting at home, curing diseases and gaining good health, peace of mind, satisfaction and everlastic joy without spending a single cent.
Can a lifeless Photograph Control Human body movements, Cure Mental illness, Cancer and AIDS, Solution for World Crisis & Global Threats?
Getting induced by Automatic Spiritual Meditation and Yoga body movements using a mere Photo OR VOICE of Guru Siyag, Resulting in the cure of even Cancer and Aids, without spending a single penny from your pocket, it sounds unbelievable, but its possibility can be verified by any positive minded curious person sitting in any corner of the world.
Just concentrate on Guru Siyag's Photo for minute, close eyes and imagine guru siyag's photo on the forehead between the eyebrows, simultaneously chant any one sacred word of your choice without moving lips or tongue, in mind. Before starting this make a mental prayer to Guru Siyag for getting induced by spiritual meditation for 15 or 20 mins. Any person with a positive approach can himself experience and verify the truth about the potential powers of Guru Siyag's Siddha yoga in which one can see and hear the Incidents of unlimited past as well those going to take place in future.
One can experiment it practically by following a simple 15 minutes,
1. Sit in a comfortable posture on the ground with crossed legs.
2. Close the eyes and concentrate on the Forehead between the Eyebrows.
3. Make a Mental Prayer to that Supramental Force, saying that if the Supramental Forceis Present on Earth, then I must get the proof, if the Supramental Force is Present on Earht, then I must go into automatic (Kundalini controlled) Spiritual Meditation for 15 or 20 minutes.
4. After this mental prayer start continuous mental repetition(Chanting) of any one sacred word of your choice(God, Jesus, Allah, Rama, Krishna, Buddha, etc.,) in the mind without moving lips or tongue, simultaneously keep concentrating on the forehead between the eyebrows.
5. Continue this process and within a few minutes you will be induced by automatic spiritual meditation, may even hear and see visualizations during this state of meditation.
6. Dont panic if your body starts moving automatically during this process, these are the Yogic body movements (Real Yoga is induced automatically by inner spiritual power Kundalini), required to free the body from physical, mental and spiritual diseases of all kinds, these will stop automatically after 15 or 20 minutes, and you will come out of spiritual meditation into normal state.
7. To get complete results and benefits, it has to be practiced regularly in the mornig and evening at any convenient time, empty stomach, before having food.
8. The time taken to get the results is totally dependent on our Positive approach and curiosity to realize the truth.
9. No barriers of Race, Religion, Cast, Country or Gender, no rules and no regulations.