Miserable life of a highway truck driver
John F Williams | 14 Aug 2012

Normally the school drop-outs or children from poor families join the profession, primarily as a conductor/ cleaner and later learn driving to be called truck drivers. These drivers are always at the mercy of dabhas en route where they stuff themselves before treading on treacherous highway journeys.

THERE IS hardly anything linked to our busy lives that doesn't involve transportation. The foodgrains, fruits, meat, and fish are transported only through the public goods carriers of which our brave lorry drivers are a main part.

They drive miles irrespective of weather to ensure that the goods consigned reach us in the normal specified time. Hats off to them. But these pilots lead a very miserable life; they don’t eat or sleep at proper times.

At times, they take risk to run the trucks with the mechanical faults and worn out tyres. The truck owner when asked for the repairs/ tyre change etc will ask the driver to finish another load first before deciding to take an action.

Months together they don’t visit their families and many of them, in the process acquire fatal diseases while trying to satisfy their physical needs. Some of them have a separate set up home/ family at a town other than their hometowns where they hardly visit.

Normally they are drop-outs from schools or come from poor families. They join the profession primarily as a conductors/cleaners and later learn driving to become truck drivers. They drive 400 odd kms per day to cover the time lost during the day, due to bars on entry into big towns and ensure that the consignment reaches in time, even taking risk at times with overloaded trucks.

These drivers are always at the mercy of Dabhas en route where they visit often and are served everything even on credit. Rather dhaba owners/ workers become very friendly.

But our policemen en route don’t have mercy on their miserable condition but are always in the look out to mint money from them under one pretext or the other. What an unjustified action of our police to harass them for nothing instead of helping.

We salute these truck drivers!