Mizoram: Chakmas Demonstrate Protest against Discriminatory Rules
The Borapansury Times | 13 Apr 2015

More than one thousand people from all walks of life from Kamalanagar and nearby villages joined the Peace Procession called by Chakma National Council of India (CNCI), Mizoram State Committee in collaboration with all Political Parties and NGOs at Kamalanagar on 10th April, 2015 to demonstrate protest against the making of amendment of the Mizoram (Selection of candidates for Higher & Technical Courses) Rules, 1999 resultant of which the prospect to avail the facilities of pursuing technical education under Reserved Quota System shall stand curtailed totally for the Chakmas and other ethnic and religious minorities of the State.

Addressing the demonstrators Shri Rasik Mohan Chakma, President, CNCI, Mizoram State thanks them for huge and spontaneous support to the cause. He expressed that it is unfortunate in a civilized country like India, by a democratically elected government a rule to directly discriminate a Section of Citizen of the country is made. If any reservation is to be made it should be according to benign essence of our Constitution which provides for positive discrimination for the disadvantage group to give them a fair treatment because of their disadvantage status, he stressed. Elaborating his statement he pointed out that the Article 15(4) of the Constitution of India provides that "Nothing in this article (Article 15(1)) or in clause (2) or article (29) shall prevent the state from making any special provision for the advancement of any socially and educationally backward classes of citizens or for the Scheduled Caste and the Scheduled Tribes". He further stressed that the amendment is a upright breach of article (9) of the 1986 Mizoram Peace Accord which provides that "The rights and Privileges of the minorities in Mizoram as envisaged in the Constitution, shall continue to be preserved and protected and their social and economic advancement shall be ensured." He urged upon the govt. of Mizoram, headed by Pu Lal Thanhawla to roll back its decision and make another amendment of the Mizoram (Selection of Candidates for Higher & Technical Courses) Rules, 1999 by inserting the provision of reservation of 20% Seats for the Chakmas and Brus out of the reserved quota in technical courses. Shri Rupayan Chakma, President, MCSU and Shri Molin Kumar Chakma, Vice-President, CYCA also addressed the gathering and condemned the Mizoram Govt. in strong words for making racial discrimination in the matter of amendment of the rule targeting the Chakmas and Brus who are most backward and only ethnic & religious minority of the state. They pledged to continue the movement until positive solution is made. Both the speakers termed the amendment as illegal, unconstitutional and provocative to disrupt communal harmony in the state. They thanked the demonstrators and appealed for full support and cooperation in the movement. The procession in token of expressing anguish and protest burnt thousands copies of amendment rules in front of SDO ( C ) Office, Chawngte and ended on submission of a Memorandum to the Chief Minister, Mizoram through the SDO (C ) Chawngte demanding immediate roll back of Govt's decision and also making another amendment of the rules by inserting the provision of 20% reservation for the Chakmas and Brus out of the Reserved Quota of Seats in the Technical Courses.