MLAs/MPs are shrewd businessmen
Satbir Singh Bedi | 25 Aug 2013

MPs/MLAs are shrewd business men.  They hardly deserve the salary which they get.  They
attend the Lok Sabha/assemblies for such a short period and even
during this period, they waste time by indulging in
petty squabbles and wrangling.  They visit their
constituencies at the time of elections praying to
every person for voting for them but once voted as
MP/MLA, they seldom visit their constituencies.  If ever
they come, it is to spend time with their cronies and
stooges and indulge in nepotism and favouritism. 
Actually, they need no salaries as they enjoy Govt.
accomodation at nominal rent and sub let this
accomodation to earn part of their living.  Then they
enjoy a lot of privileges which they sell to earn
crore of rupees which are given to them for development work.
It is an open secret that ever since the inception of
the Legilative Assemblies/Lok Sabha/Rajya Sabha, many
MLAs/MPs irrespective of their party affiliations,
have been asking questions in the respective House of
the Parliament on behalf of various persons, companies
and corporates against payment of certain amount by
It is also a known fact that one could have a gas
connection, allotment, etc. of a
house/allotment of petrol pumps, etc. by payment of
suitable amount of money to such MLAs/MPs. In the past, some
investigative journalists have done well to produce
evidence in this regard.
These MLAs/MPs pretend that they want to serve the
people and assure the people of their sincerity to
serve the latter at the time of the elections but the
fact is that these MLAs/MPs spend crore of rupees in
getting elected and in their heart of hearts know that
this is a good investment which they can recover along
with dividend while enjoying power, should they get
elected. So, fighting elections for them is a business
proposition where they invest money to get rich
It is good that investigative journalists have exposed
them. Now it is up to people to see that they do not
elect such people who pretend to be social servants
but are actually shrewd businessmen.
The various political parties should also ensure that
such elements are not given tickets for fighting the
elections so that only real servants of the people get
elected instead of such elements who treat the
politics as a business only.