Modi is on the right track but he needs to do much more
Satbir Singh Bedi | 27 Aug 2014

PM Modi is on the right track. He is not only abolishing Planning Commission which is only contributing to the delaying of the projects and in fact is duplicating the efforts of the Ministry of Finance and hence as a burden on the exchequer, needs to be abolished, but also streamlining the other Ministries.

He is also talking tough with Pakistan and has called off foreign secretary level talks with that country and replying to the Pak attacks with bullet for bullet. However, he needs to do much more. Now, it is very essential for the new Government which has been elected to have a defence pact with Israel to counter Sino-Pak axis, particularly in view of the fact that Islamic State of Iraq and Syria is raising its head to establish Islamic Caliphate the world over including in India.

China has also to be stopped from entering into Indian territory. Our main bone of contention with China is the area bordering Tibet. Regarding Tibet, it was never a part of China. It had an independent Government under the Dalai Lama and the Tibetan language was written like Indian languages and it was not a pictorial language like the Chinese. Moreover, all the religious books of Tibetans were in Sanskrit.

China had forcefully occupied it in 1950 and Nehru had committed a blunder in agreeing to Chinese occupation of Tibet. It must be set free. So, India should immediately recognise the Tibetan Government in Exile and help Tibetans militarily to fight China. It is in our national interest to have Tibet as a buffer state between India and China.

As far as the deportation of Bangladeshi illegal migrants is concerned, there are about two crore such illegal migrants in India and they are eating into our vital resources as well as upsetting our demography. So, they must be deported immediately as they being poor are supplying sleeper cells for ISI of Pakistan.

The Hindus are in minority in the state of Punjab and J&K and should be accorded minority status in these states. Moreover, the Hindus have been driven out of their homes in the Kashmir valley and have become homeless in their own land. Government must ensure their safe return to the Valley and end their miseries.

Caste based reservations are perpetuating the caste system because of which India has not been able to progress since the past eight centuries when foreign invaders occupied it because of Hindus being divided on caste basis. So, such reservations should be immediately withdrawn and reservations should be made only on the basis of financial condition of the individuals.

There is no harm in singing national song and it should be made compulsory for all to sing this song. We should not compromise with our national identity. So, Modi must ensure the compulsory singing of the national song.

BJP has shown its commitment to the preservation of rich culture and heritage of the minorities including Muslims and it also talks of preservation and promotion of Urdu. Now, Urdu is not a language of Muslims only. It is the language of all Indians irrespective of their religion and has been developed by taking vocabulary from Persian, Turkish, Arabic, Punjabi, Braj Bhasha, Awadhi, etc. with a Hindi grammatical structure but written in Persian script.

It is very rich in poetry, literature and all other forms of writing. It has been badly neglected over the years ever since the country attained independence and should be promoted so that all lovers of this beautiful language irrespective of their religion could enjoy it. So, BJP's commitment to its preservation and promotion is a step in the right direction and would benefit not only Muslims but all lovers of Urdu language irrespective of their religion.

Secondly, BJP has expressed its commitment to educate the boys and particularly the girls of minorities including the Muslims. The Muslim girls' education is suffering at present and most of the Muslim girls suffer from a lack of education. It is hoped that BJP would give special incentives to Muslims for getting their girls educated which would also help the Muslims to develop themselves and control their population as well as remove their poverty because once the girls are educated, then when they assume the role of motherhood, they would be aware of the benefits of having a small family which would be helpful in reducing the poverty also for it is due to large families that they are having that Muslims remain poor.

Most importantly, the BJP has shown an intent to modernise the Madarasa education which is vital for the development of the Muslim community as well as for containing terrorism. It is a fact that most of the poor people go to Madarsas for education and only religious education is imparted in such Madarasas which combined with poverty make them prone to exploitation by the terrorists. By modernizing, science and other subjects would be taught to the Muslim students and they would then be able to get good jobs as well as become eminent scientists and technologists.

BJP also has expressed its intention to strengthen cottage and small scale industry which has mostly Muslim workers. This step would help the Muslims in a big way. BJP has also shown its commitment to protecting the Waqf property and also have permanent Inter-faith Consultative machinery to remove fear from the mind of Muslims and build their trust. Now that it has come to power, BJP must see to it that it fulfils its promises made to minorities in its manifesto so that the minorities do not feel alienated or threatened.

Apart from all this, it must formulate and enforce the Uniform Civil Code so that all citizens are treated as equal and particularly, the Muslim women do not suffer from gender discrimination.  It must do everything in its power to abrogate article 370 of the Constitution so that J&K is treated at par with other states and brought into the mainstream of national life.

BJP must take all these steps and particularly work for the development of all Indians and particularly, the Muslim minority so that is is not exploited by the Pseudo secular forces of Congress and its evil allies.