Modification of Northeast by money and muscle power

Some people may be made fool for all time, all may be made fool for some time, but all people of the Northeast cannot be made fool for all time.

Narendra Modi can win the elections by hook or by crook but it is really very difficult to win the heart of the people of the Northeast who hate fundamentalism and communal outlook. These hill people are lovers of democracy and freedom and the obscurantist policy of segregation and parochialism cannot be accepted by them for a long time. So the victory in the state assembly election in the Northeast cannot pay much dividend for BJP to bask in the dreams of the golden age

Winning elections by money and muscle will not change anything in the Northeast. The resistance that Meghalaya and Nagaland have shown is really commendable and a source of inspiration for the secular forces in the rest of India. Some people may be made fool for all time , all may be made fool for some time, but all people of the Northeast cannot be made fool for all time. Narendra Modi can win the elections by hook or by crook but it is really very difficult to win the heart of the people of the Northeast who hate fundamentalism and communal outlook So the victory in the state assembly election in the Northeast cannot pay much dividend for BJP to bask in the dreams of the golden age

Narendra Modi seems to be the happiest man with his commander Amit Shah. In Tripura the Red bastion is bombarded and in Nagaland and Meghalaya BJP is contending to get its own man as Chief Minister. Money and Muscle power ,Source and Force finally have done a headway in the northeast assembly election. Modification of Northeast is nearly complete and Amit Shah is dreaming of the golden age after the three more feathers  to be in his cap -Bengal Orissa and Kerala. All these may be a reverie and BJP may not get a cake walk victory in the Lok Sabha election 2019. Even yesterday the scenario was different. The turncoats like Himanta Biswa Sarma of Assam have been purchased by the BJP and they are destroying the citadels of secularism and democracy in India. One after another state is being purchased by money and muscle power. It is heartening that Meghalaya has given a good fight  and Nagaland too . Seeing admant Modi planning to win Northeast by hook or by crook one may find similarity with Alauddin Khilji in  Padmavat.

 'Tere dwar khada ek jogi'- that song of  Hemanta Kumar in Nagin now  seems to be reverberating all over the Northeast. As Alauddin Khilji had been waiting month after month near Chitor to gratify his lusty desire for winning Padmavat , the beloved queen of  Maharawal Ratan Singh , and finally captured  a devastated Chitor but not the queen , Prime Minister Narendra Modi too seems to be more or less in the same way determined  for effecting Modi-fication of  the Northeast showing excessive  Modi-care in the pre-election months .BJP government came to power four year ago but it is only in the election time , this excessive attention and announcement of  special packages  for the Northeast states  causedsome doubt even in the innocent hearts of the people of the Northeast. Even yesterday they were lynching people in the name of hindutva and in the frenzy of banning cow-slaughter forgot the sufferings of the Northeast people. The Aadhar card syndrome is still a big unresolved issue for the people of the Northeast.A tremendous focus is on the saffronisation of the seven sisters where the great success came in Assam because a large number of  Assamese voters are more or less happy with BJP focus on the preservation of Hindu heritage and culture and also on the proposed projects for nourishing Sanskrit.Many did not initially doubt the reasonsbehind the Modi-care.As a part of his government's efforts to integrate northeast with the rest of  India , Narendra Modiji announced a packageof  Rs.90000 crorefor enhancing connectivity.  and set the ball rolling  by going to Shillong with the promise " I can tell you with great pride  that ministers and officials from the Centre are visiting  the Northeast  very regularly" . In 2016 Assam succumbed to the BJP game. Eight sister states of the Northeast are the Eight forms of  Lakshmi the goddess of wealth and prosperity as he said in Itanagar recently will be the gateway to  Southeast  Asia. This sounds good . But empty vessels sound much. Now his achievement as a Prime Minister has come to down to the successful involvement in the huge scams , and all other tall talks have failed regarding GST , Demonetisation  and Aadhar card syndrome. So what he and his BJP government can give is quite doubtful.The only expectation that  BJP government will be different from the earlier ones at least in the clean governance. Its swacch obhiyan is now a myth.  The recent question about the purchase of Aircraft and the huge deal pushes back all the corruption charges of the earlier government. Congress has already alleged seriously  that a 'huge scam is brewing' in the procurement of  Rafale fighter aircraft for Indian airforce at an inflated price promoting interests of  Reliance Defence Ltd from French company Dassault Aviation .Transparency is not there and  it is obvious  that violation of the Defence  Procurment Procedure  has occurred as without transfer of technology to Hindustan Aeronautics Limited  and blatant promotion of financial interests of alleged crony capitalist  friends  of Prime Minister Narendra Modi.The BJP government now and then refers to Bofors Deal but they themselves seemed to have compromised  national interests  and national security on the matter  and a conspirational silence on the deal is maintained. Congress raised the question if the Centre is purchasing  36 Rafale Aircraft  at  highly inflated price  of 30.45 billion dollar compared to the original base price  10.2 billion dollars negotiated  by the UPA government.

The PNB fraud came to light  and the amount goes to Rs. 11360 crore. It is the biggest fraud in Indian banking history that involved two junior officials  at a Mumbai bank branch issuing letters of undertaking to firms linked to Nirav Deepak  Modi  and Mehul Choksi. Three companies of Mehul Chinubhai Choksi -Gitanjali Gems ,Gili India  and Nakshatra Brand Ltd are found involved and the key figures are close to BJP and Modiji. Again another million dollar scam is coming to light. Vikram Kothari, the owner of the parent company of Rotomac Pens has been accused of fleeing  with loans of more than Rs.800 crore from various government banks in the country. The billionaire jeweller Nirav Modi is being spared and Modi government shows strange silence  on the scam. Prime Minister is addressing long  on how to pass exams and talking nearly 2 hours  in 'Parksha pe Charcha' while he is reluctant to talk even two minutes on the 22000 crore bank scam.

Now this Modi government has suddenly come to transform the economic and social scenario in the Northeast which is regarded by many as a political gimmick. A party with overt hindutva programme cannot really understand the sentiments of the Christian majority states. Again its anti-dalit agenda cannot  satisfy the tribal dalits of the hills . The lynching of  human being for cow slaughters is their agenda. Even in a city like Kolkata their  RSS and other fundamentalist followers are organising  proselytisation for forcedly converting people to hinduism and these parties cannot really serve the cause of the people of the Northeast. 'The migrant birds come to Kolkata from Siberia during the Winter. Similarly the BJP ministers are coming and going frequently now to the Northeast but they may not come after the election euphoria is over'-said an angry old man in Guwahati who went to listen to the speech of the Prime Minister's speech in the two day Global Investors' Summit hosted by Assam.Huge stress is now being given on Act East Policy for achieving  balanced  and fast-paced growth in the Northeast region with an expectation of increasing trade ties  and other relations with countries on India's East  particularly the ASEAN countries.He plans all projects to be completed before target but the ground reality is that they may not be completed even after the target. The BJP is trying to take help of the regional parties to use them as Trozan horse for entering the city of Troy ( read Northeast). but the people are not so immature that they will be given the lolly pop to embrace the hindutva ideology. They respect hinduism and the Indian heritage but not the communal aspects of hindutva. A secular attitude prevails in the North East  in spite of the Christian majority among the population. They are highly educated and the missionary education enlightened their culture. So these aggressive hindutva slogans of the RSS will never be accepted by them as the last word. It is true  that Modi-fication of the Northeast is hanging before them like the carrot before the nose of the horse but the excessive Modi-care is not accepted by them when the Christians all over the country are not feeling safe in the BJP rule. Some can be made fool for all time and all can be made fool for some time, but all people cannot be made fool for all time by offering a bag of huge cash or by projecting outstanding financial projects. The Key Road projects announced are just an announcement still. Much water will flow through the Brahmaputra before  the projects are translated into a reality.  The investment of 90000 crore is committed in the next two to three years to build a network of highways  and roads in the northeast region during the inauguration of Mizoram's biggest hydel project at Tuirial at Aizawl.It is true that  lack of connectivity is one of the biggest hurdles in the path of development in the North Eastern region. So the transformation by transportation is a kind of investment in infrastructure in the region. But the problem lies elsewhere , in the execution and realisation.The Prime Minister laid the foundation for a new line to take rail connectivity to Aizawl in 2014 . But till today nothing much  has been done for the connectivity with  the State capital  Aizawl with broad gauge rail line. Out of 38000 kms of national highway only 1200 kms of road is now under construction. The progress is so slow  and it is feared that after the election euphoria the project may be stopped again. No one knows when the rail line will really connect Bhairabi in Mizoram with Silchar in Assam. During the inauguration of Dhola -Sadiya Bridge named after the legendary singer Bhupen Hazarika  the Prime Minister told that North East will now onwards be called New Engine and a new wave of development will be felt to drive forward economy of India. It is expected that afte the election Modiji will not forget his promise to make Northeast the hub of economic activity.  It is easier said than done. Let us now wait and see if the tall promises made in the election period really endure the test of time. Michael Bassey Johnson in his wonderful book once told :" If you truly want to be respected by people you love , you must prove to them that you can survive without them." The people who are now seen as voters only to take a pollitical party to power in the elections may not be there but development will continue. So this is the truth and the ultimate reality too that our leaders should keep standing upto their promises. What the people of the Northeast have seen years after years is that election is gone along with the leaders and their high sounding promises making the social media hype a babel's tower. The states in the Northeast  are not underdeveloped but rather in the context of their history and cultural heritage  a highly develped on in an advanced state of decay. We should save them from decaying. Mere announcement of packagaes cannot ensure real development. We need models and really new models.We never can change things by fighting  the existing reality. To change something , we need to build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete. Time is come for that the moment we think of development of the Norheast. People here will no longer beg for it but will demand as it is their right  to have a new model of development.If that is not ensured, Modi-fiction or Modi-care will have no effect on the people of the Northeast.