Modiversary: Year of gloom and despair for Vidarbha Farmers - VJAS
VJAS | 20 May 2015

There is no attraction to look at ongoing celebrations of PM Modi's first anniversary after coming to power in dying field of west vidarbha where more than 3 million cotton farmers families and 2 million Tribal families who are in grip of most severe agrarian crisis and facing starvation due unseen drought followed by untimely rain damaging both winter and summer crops which started since 1997 when effect of globalization and free trade started showing negative impact to cotton growers but after June 2005 west vidarbha has been on international radar due to acute distress resulting in more-than 11000 deb-trapped cotton farmers suicides.

There was amazing jubilation 3 million cotton farmers who are debt-trapped and facing economic recession due to international cotton market  when prime minister  Narendra Modi came to power with clean majority to his party BJP  as PM has promised dying farmers that he has solution to stop innocent vidarbha farmers suicides which is result of non-sustainable structure of minimum support price and very poor intervention of state and huge debt promising farm loan waiver and fresh credit to debt trapped farmers and giving higher MSP according to a proposed formula of investment plus 50 per cent profit but road-map shown Modi in his budget skipped both issues  addressing cost and credit crisis moreover NDA-2 has started economic reforms which has hurt agriculture sector adversely since 1997 resulting more than 3 lacs innocent farmers.

Narendra Modi's  government   celebrations is exactly recalling 1999, the Atal Bihari Vajpayee government  first anniversary  celebration which was criticized by senior RSS leaders as NDA-1 Govt. playing into the hands of policy advisers with doubtful credentials &  'petty politician'  now there are voices among RSS that NDA-2 Govt. is beholden to corporate interests and all ministers are working like bonded slaves under PMO.  PM Modi's of development with help of foreign investment  and complete focus on smart city and urbanization has pushed back agrarian crisis and farm suicide issue and vidarbha cotton farmers are facing real burn of Modi's  theory of pain forcing innocent distressed farmers to suffer .

Last one year PM has not given any healing touch starving farmers when  Maharashtra state government officially declared that 60 per cent of its villages were facing a "severe drought" of the century, last year, affecting almost 90 lakh farmers in state. 23,811 of state's total 39,453 villages fall under this category after complete kharif crop was damaged, there is international recession in cotton as global market and demand has been dropped and this will effect more than 40 million cotton farmers cultivating cotton in more than 12 million hector mostly dry land farmers hence union budget  is talking big mega investment infrastructure and long term credit but failed to address core issues of giving direct relief package to these 40 million cotton farmers who are victims of global open market economy and mismatched demand supply situation ,NDA has   sidelined the rural and agrarian crisis from its priority list When poor are demanding food under universal PDS and farmers are killing themselves due to debt and poor prices of agriculture produce. 

New NDA Govt. has failed to give any healing touch in his policy road map budget -2015 distressed 3 million dry land farmers which are growing cash crop like cotton and soybean in Vidarbha region of Maharashtra as there is no announcement of fulfilling   PM Narendra Modi pre-poll promises on farm loan waiver and giving higher MSP according to a proposed formula of investment plus 50 per cent returns as indicated earlier that BJP is treating the issue of minimum support price (MSP) and waiver of farm loans as a 'Kisan-Jumla' (empty election promise) as there is no budgetary provisioning and plan to address the acute agrarian crisis with focus on credit, cost and crop issues hence to stop farmers suicides.

It was made clear earlier Budget-2015 that NDA Govt. is not  serious to address the core issue of crisis that are better cost and credit as it was reflected RBI Governor's statement that all earlier farm loan waiver packages have failed to provide relief and such packages would add to banks' NPAs and  Indian Govt. an affidavit in the Supreme Court said the government cannot give the MSP on the basis of the BJP's proposed formula of investment plus 50 per cent returns as it goes contrary to all existing formulae of the Commission on Agriculture Costs and Prices, this is very unfortunate as central Govt. failed to understand serious gravity of Vidarbha agrarian crisis when region has reported   1,160 farmers suicides in Maharashtra in 2014, and 124 in 2015 (till date), it was high time that the Centre looks at agrarian crisis seriously in Vidarbha and announce special plan to address existing despair and high time  for Prime Minister Narendra Modi to re-look into agrarian crisis immediately.