Money cannot buy everything.
Satbir Singh Bedi | 29 Sep 2013

I admit that money is a very useful thing and we earn money to make a living. Money can buy one a beautiful house, good clothing, excellent food, a posh car and perhaps a beautiful wife but it cannot buy everything.  My father told me the story of the son of a very rich person who wanted to commit suicide by jumping before a train but only his legs were cut off and so he survived but a lot of blood had oozed out.  Meanwhile his mind changed and he wanted to live.
He told the doctor that he would give him a lot of money if he could be saved but the doctor was not able to save him.  So, even a lot and lot of money cannot save one from death.  And money cannot buy one the loyalty of his wife or of his family. It cannot even buy the integrity and honesty of a really honest person so that a Manjunath or Satyendra Kumar Dubey would prefer to die rather than sell their honesty.
With the help of money, one can engage as many servants as one likes but it cannot ensure the loyalty or faithfulness of those servants.  Similarly, if involved in a case, a rich man can engage the best of lawyers but he may not still be able to win the case provided the judge is honest.  If one is caught taking a bribe, he may escape by paying a bribe to the concerned police officer but if the police officer happens to be honest, he would definitely land in jail.  In fact, money can create a lot of problems for its owners. There is always the risk of losing money in a theft or burglary or a robbery. One can also lose money in an investment.  In fact, some years back, when the Wall Street crashed, a billionaire was reduced to a millionaire and he could not bear it and committed suicide.  I would have been too happy to even remain a millionaire.  Money can also lead to the murder of its owner by even his near relatives who want to grab his money.