Moonless nights
Priyanka Mohanty | 28 May 2009

I saw a full moon tonight, shining with all the might and pride, looking down upon my state. In all my virtue, with all the reverence, here I am , seeking reasonings for all that I am, for all that I want.

I must sing, I say myself, I shall sing. But the voice wont come, the truthfulness within me has died. I search for it, ah yes, met it yesterday and meet it occasionally time and again. We pretend to oversee things the way they are, we pretend everything is still fine. I try to remind myself of all the beautiful songs I had sung, the lyrics I had woven for you, the melody created by us… this non-hearing seems a long phenomenon, is it something I knew would be coming…had I been waiting for this? Waiting for the time I go deaf, and senseless and immune to all the attacks ?

The songs have lost their charm, is there another piper?

But I cannot hear any flutes…? No one is playing them? Or some one is?

 I saw a Dove yesterday and today I searched for it.

The dove is killed, the canals have dried, the canals have dried…and the rivers wait for  the rains , wait for the force to direct them to the sea…How does it gratify a river to lose herself in a sea…to lose all she has ever had..?I ponder!

Days go by and night passes too. The remnants remain. Like the pebbles – broken and crushed on the river beds. What does the river do? Wait for the rain to wash it away?

The trepidations remain. Solitude creeps into the creaked doors like a ray of light. Only the difference is that the door leads to darkness, so engulfing.