Mother-Epitome of love and sacrifices
ISHA SHARMA | 18 Feb 2011

 You brought me to the world...you gave me life..you are  my “maa”-(Mother)..Without you this beautiful world would have never been known to me...The first time I saw you..I fell in love with you tremendously. The first smile you gave me when you took me in your hands..When I was just a few hours  old. The first tear of happiness and joy you dropped from your eyes..I saw your tear and since then I pledged..and took a oath that till I am alive...this eyes of yours..will never ever..DROP even a single tear....Even if I am apart from you by immeasurable geographical distance.

You  were the one...who taught me to walk...and also taught me to put all my strength and potential to rise again when I tripped off....and you couldn’t control your tears seeing me restless ,Impatient and losing. Since I began to speak..your ears  were mesmerised only when I called you MAA...And these words still leave you with same happiness and joy.

Since then..till now..You were there with me in my every UP’s and Down’s ..Every time I failed in achieving..What I aspired to...your support and immense love made me channelize my disappointment into strengths to achieve something better than that..you taught me the NEVER GIVE UP spirit..without which my life wouldn’t have been so smooth...But mom my disappointment after my failure was not for me but because I couldn’t see that pride and smile on your face and eyes...the glow on your face and eyes which would have occurred after you saw me WIN.

No distance in this entire world could ever separate us..but may be I’ll have to fight with the god’s overhead and our destinies to never take you away from me..or maybe take me away before you..but then I wouldn’t be able to watch you in pain and agony..so..lets make it mutual and remain in each others hearts forever and ever   MAA!