Mother of all battles
Paresh Waghela | 26 Mar 2011

 The mother of all battle is here. The heat is on and so is the intensity. Entire nation is waiting for the big match that’s going to be played in Prince’s palace where the in-form Indians will take on Pakistan. Afridi has already started making statements that his team will not allow the Men in Blue to go all the way to Mumbai. The Pathan has come to the party and is playing like a true leader, but he should be well rooted on the ground. Is he forgetting the fact that he is going to play against the men in blue who are equally well equipped as they are? Going by the records, India has never lost to Pakistan in the world cup encounters and Indian’s will definitely see to it that they maintain the record.

Yuvi is playing innings of his life and even the Master blaster is on the roll. The difference will be the bowling. If India bowls to its potentials, which they surely will, there’s no stopping for them to go ahead at Wankhede for the finals.

The Indians are likely to play the same XI who won us the match against the Aussies. On the other hand, Pakistan will be tempted to play Shoaib Akthar to add to the pace.

Can the Men in Blue gift the World Cup to the batting maestro is the phenomenon to be seen and worth to wait for. Till then let’s enjoy the rest of the matches and chant India India!