Mother Teresa and her idealism
vikash sharma | 12 Sep 2016

"Mother Teresa declared as a Saint by Pope Francis in Vetican" This Canonisation - is a big news in India. The Country is celebrating this achievement.

It doesn't matter that she born in Albania but she served her life to the people of India - after all her( mother Teresa ) heart is in India. On this occasion Mr. Prime minister expressed his gratitude and thanks for canonisation to an Indian; Mother Teresa  is going to be a saint that is a honor of secular India.  

On this occasion the people who are primitively doubtful about her incredible role seems happy after this recognization. It would be naive to think that everyone  is overjoyed after Pope Francis declares her a Saint!

Then what about those allegations and critics that reduced her ( Mother Teresa) into an ordinary mortal. Members of VHP, RSS chief Mr. Bhagwat or Mary Loudon and Catholic priest of Lima and People of India, they all claim her fraud, that 'her motivation was  not love of God and the poor but converting them to Catholicism' and collecting donations for catholic church of Vatican.

Today  after her sainthood; the nation is celebrating the pride – more as a statically record; it is in the same contrast when India win the cricket match and gets trophy. Really it is painful to realize that we belive in evaluation and evaluate on the safe behalf of national pride. 

Tomorrow Mother Teresa's name will be recognized by any street or public bhawans only to the pride of the nation. But she will never appear in the soul of society and the nation with the same idealness and zeal. She may be seen in the textbooks after fifty years but it is doubtful to hope that any human will appear as like her.

I believe that Mother Teresa's -  her dream that took sixty nine years should not recognize because of any award or consolation. But if  people and nation really find her immortal; then it is important to  adopt her/his idealness in between society and people. Because the idealism makes one alive forever.