Muallim, a Muslim lifestyle magazine launched
Ziaulla Namani | 03 Apr 2012

The magazine has garnered 250 odd subscription in 3 days, which indicates a certain level of acceptance and demand for the magazine in the Muslim world.

MUALLIM, THE Muslim lifestyle monthly Islamic magazine is a product of Maxim Media Pvt. Ltd., and seeking readership in both general and corporate audiences.

Z.F. Nomani, director marketing, said that in just 3 days of marketing and promotional activity the magazine got some 250 odd subscriptions, indicating the acceptability among upwardly mobile Muslims, who are well-versed with English.

Shahzad Shah, a subscriber of Muallim and director finance with Konkan Railway Corporation Ltd. said “The content and quality of Muallim magazine is impressive. It is just the right time for such magazine to hit the market. It is for the benefit of old and young, my best wishes and regards with Muallim team.”

Athar Asif Ansari, chief manager with ABEC Ltd, one of the first subscribers of Muallim, said, “It is a family magazine covering features and articles for all age group and gender, the quality of the Muallim is at par with any international magazine.”

Editor in chief, Maulana Ubaidur Rahman Qasmi said that the plan is to make the magazine available at news stands and to seek as many subscribers starting May 2012. The magazine expects 25,000 subscriptions in the first year from Mumbai, its suburbs and the Maharashtra region. From second year onwards, the magazine has plans to devise a campaign to reach major metros, and two-tier cities of India.