Mumbai Taxi Drivers : Professional and Consistent
Vinit Garg | 17 Feb 2007

A description of my first experience with Mumbai

After a lot of negotiation and in an ongoing attempt to follow a wise saying by a blessed soul, "Live your fears," I landed in Mumbai on 7th Feb. And guess what... was cheated by a taxi driver.
What a professionalism and commitment these taxi drivers have to maintain their age old reputation of cheating new visitors to Amchii Mumbai. Though I tried my best to project myself as a local Mumbaikar but only to find that the driver had over-smarted me. While getting in this taxi I kept repating: "Do not let this person know you are here for the first time." Easy said than done.
The moment I said this person to go to Thane and prompt came the reply: "Where in Thane."
I said TCS Yanta Park.
Smelling trouble I replied in a confident "Yes".
sahib yeh east mein hai ya west mein "
Doomed by his question and cursing none other than myself of not finding the proper address in advance, I said: "dekh lenge abhi thane to chalo "
And bingo. He got it. I am new and I do not know about Mumbai. A fresh bakra for this guy and he had his feast.
While traveling my sense of direction could not stop making intelligent guesses and though I was convinced that I am going round and round, in the same area, but I had no ways to prove it. Just sat like an innocent cute little child at helm of a driver Dracula.
For a normal charge of Rs 400 or say 450, this guy showed me the meter reading of 947 Rs.
Wow ... Narrow escape but straight in lion’s mouth. Justifying the rates and his high meter reading the driver told me: "Sahib AC car hai yeh..pure raste AC ON raha to meter reading to badhega na" Thanks Dude. I wish I knew it earlier. By the way have u ever traveled in a Taxi that have mosquitos inside it. Yes my dear friend Mosquitos. I think they must have come there for the Taxi was an AC one!
I salute you Mr Driver. I like your consistency.
After that somebody suggested a prepaid taxi in Mumbai. However this time my experimental nature got better of me. But that was an experience worth having.
The moral of the story is, “If you are traveling on your company expense do experiment with Mumbai Taxi Wala or else you better of take a prepaid one.