Murder of student in Gurugram – healed memory will not be a deleted memory
HARISH DIDO | 16 Sep 2017

Think for a while, as to how the parents bring up their children right from the day they are born. But when the incidents like the one at Ryan School in Gurugram are reported, one can well imagine their plight.

It looks that the children are not safe in schools and they are at the mercy of inhuman, cold-blooded rather heartless persons like Ashok Kumar.

Merely allowing taking the injured child in a car after committing the crime have created a suspicion and widen the scope of investigation.

So far no motive has been established except that the boy was killed because he saw the driver in a very different situation except he had a knife handy.

The driver must have lost his mental balance for a fraction of seconds as it takes hardly any time to cut the carotid artery and there is a fountain of blood and a person dies in two minutes.  The driver must have got knowledge about to kill with slit on throat or have witnessed in the movies.

Sparking of massive outrage by the people is bound to come when heinous crime is committed. 

Immediately after the birth, the parents have instant bond with the child followed by number of traditional celebrations. Emotional attachment keep bringing up the child especially the baby boy to become a helping hand in the old age but never think of meeting with incidents like Paduman Thakur would defeat all hopes and rising of the next sun to say goodbye to darkness.


Frankly speaking, whatever reason may come out even after the Ashok Kumar's confession of killing Paduman Thakur student in the school premises and CBI enquiry demanded by his father, it will be a futile exercise.

One, the driver has admitted the crime and second, the parents never point out the safety and security systems to the school authorities not with these particular schools but almost in all the schools. Parents are more concerned with the progress of the child in his studies and least bothered about the other arrangements, facilities and requirements in the school.

At this stage, one has to bow before the orders of Nature.  It's never too late if still some safety measures are suggested to all the school authorities in this high tech-era by installing CCTV cameras and putting a chip in the I-Cards of the students with them to track their movements. Besides, definitely doing a counseling of the students when the schools re-open in very sensitive worded so that the students don't feel a terror like situation but concentrate on their studies.

While writing this blog, I feel that forgiving will not erase the bitter past and healed memory with the passage of time will not be a deleted memory.

 The parents of Paduman will now have to learn to sail in high winds as unpredictable and unfortgetable the incident will now travel to the grave of parents.