My Calling
Leena | 08 Jun 2006

My Calling is all about my future hopes and aspirations which i want to fulfil.

I was working for THE TIMES OF INDIA as a reporter.
I was sent to mumbai to gather news regarding suicide
Committed by famous model Nafisa Joseph. I was
Standing outside her residence with the cameraman.
I found that there was so much crowd including her
Relatives, friends, police and others reporters.
Everybody was in shock and tension. I just got ready
to start my job. Suddenly somebody knocked at door.
I woke up in dream saying Oh! ‘I am busy, I have to
Collect information’. My mother said, ‘what happened’?
I found that it was a dream that engrossed me.
In the past, I was not aware of my aim. I didn’t
Know what is happening in the world. As soon as I grew,
A strong feeling or a desire started taking place in me.
Though I never took part in any kind of adventurous job
But I never denied taking responsibility of it.
Whenever I saw newsreaders or anchors on TV, I
Used to imagine myself as one of them. I used to imitate
Them by standing in front of mirror. This thing
Clarified me the aim of becoming a media personality.
Everyone has some dreams and aspirations in
Life. A person chooses his aim according to the
Qualities he has by birth. Slowly and gradually, he
Develops himself in that field to prove him.
I want to be a media person. Media has become a
Big industry today. It offers various lines to the youth
Who have fresh mind, excitement and creativity.
That day is not far when I will be one of the great
Media personalities of India.