D.o | 08 Nov 2006

About the present state of Government.

India was once known a Golden Bird. A rich Country that managed to survive under the Mughal and British rule for 100 years. History tells it all. We have come past 76 years of Independence but seldom value the freedom which we were granted by Our Great Countrymen at the cost of their precious lives. The Present scenario of our country proves we have forgotten our history and big sacrifices. Today we are merely misusing our freedom and distorting the very meaning of democracy. Barriers confront us at every step. The progress of our country is farsighted. Our Government only builds castles in the air. From top to bottom Corruption prevails. The future of our youth is in dark. There is lack of national Integrity. There are endless Bomb Blasts in the name of religion. Indians are at a silent war with each other which is gradually eating our country. There is absence of a strong hold, a power which could repose the trust of people. And we say India is a democratic, secular? We don’t Care but dream of making India a Super power in the years to come? Well these dreams are illusions. To turn them into reality and bring a change we must join our hands together. To achieve big both Government and the citizens need to cooperate.
As the citizens of Country it is our duty and responsibility to take full advantage of Our ‘Right to Vote’. This opportunity should be availed by each and every eligible countryman. This will decide the future and the running of a country. We are already suffering the consequences of the Corrupted Government and its Nonsense Policies. But now is the time to Vote wisely.
With Corruption everywhere and Lack of organization and Planning we are the sufferers. Therefore to put a stop to it we should begin think about the welfare of the country at large. Self interests of every citizen will not amount to anything. It is time that we wake up from our sleep, open our eyes and try to see outside our homes and society. For instance we all should do our bit to make India a better place to live in. Raise voices against bribery. Let not the Bad elements destroy the very trust, Unity amongst us.
For a peaceful administration, there needs to be peace in the Country. Useless disputes, enmity on the basis of religion, Caste, creed will only weaken our system of governance giving a space to our enemies to intrude. Now we should be able to differentiate between right and wrong. This is not the time to fight amongst ourselves but to unite and crush our enemies. Don’t let the sanctity of religion destroyed. It should not be the opium to war and destructions.
If we make even little efforts to contribute a lot can be changed for good.
As far as the Government comes a Lot needs to be done. First and foremost the Government should bring discipline. In dictatorship, discipline comes itself but in democracy one has to ensure discipline. In India forget about discipline people and authorities are least bothered. The percentage of law offenders is much more than the law abiding citizens. And this is mainly due to corruption at every level. The government should make the laws simpler and citizens should be made aware of these laws. Implementation must be strict. A VIP or VVIP or a downtrodden man should be treated equally. The makers of Law should not be allowed to mould the Law for their benefit. For example office of profit Bill was molded for their benefit.
Government should put a stop to all kind of Reservations on any basis. Educational Institutions (Private or government) should be made to follow the same Criteria of Merit. For instance all reservations based on religion in some of the most reputed Colleges of Delhi University and other Muslim, Christian, Sikh Universities should be eradicated. Instead of this Government should introduce schemes such as free education till primary, scholarships on large scale that will benefit the destitute.
The biggest drawback of our Country is Lack of fulfillment of even basic necessities like electricity and water. Government and Ministers who themselves do not suffer from frequent Power cuts and problems of water should also think little bit about the common masses who deserve equal rest and peace. Government should be extremely vigilant against electricity thefts especially in the slum areas and make everyone pay bills. Some new and beneficial projects should be introduced for the easy supply of water. It is now intolerable for the people who suffer due the lack of amenities in our country.
And before taking any action the Government should first find the solution to put a stop to infiltration of Bangladeshi’s to our country. This increases population, criminal activities, and in addition augments the burden on our country which is still trying to suffice the needs of its citizens.
There seems to be a whole lot of tasks to be accomplished for the Government. It will take years If at all these are implemented.
The present Government should now pay attention towards the status of the country more and less towards the games of power and vote bank if at all it dreams to make our country the strongest power in the years to come.