My enriching journey with the Merinews continues
Rajiv Azad | 09 Jul 2014

For a person deeply entrenched in spirituality and philosophy, voyage with the Merinews Family appears to be enshrined in my destiny. It all began in the summer of 2009 in the month of June. Since then it's been five years, have contributed more than 500 articles...at times found some of my articles going through chop and hammer...I am fine with that. Editorial board also has their liberty not just writers.....

As a journalist thoroughly enjoyed my enriching voyage with the Merinews Family. I take pride in sharing; the leading news website bestowed me twice with the "Citizen Journalist of the Month Award". I was selected as the CJ of the Month Award in June 2009 and October 2011. Those awesome certificates with my name beautifully engrained, endorsed by the senior management of Merinews Family inspired me to stay focused on writing on socio-economic issues. That's my genre.

Just like any other professional, I am also an ambitious guy with tons of dreams. However, would like to make it crystal clear, for me pen is not just a medium to make both ends meet. In fact, for me writing is a weapon to transform lives, bring about a change in the socio-economic fabric of the nation. That philosophy clearly reflects in my articles, write-ups.

The joy of watching my article getting published, drawing attention from the readers, garnering comment was amazing!!! Not easy to elaborate in words!!!

In the year 2010, was surprised to receive appealing visiting Cards and stickers. Some of the Visiting Cards are still with me, reminding me of my sweet, enriching, cherishable voyage with the Merinews Family.

Proud to share, I am a witness of many exciting turnarounds the Merinews Family has gone through. Your portal has gone through modernization to keep pace with the ever changing market dynamics, offering exciting features for instance Columnists and point system. I have also seen many new CJs coming on board,.

It's the quality of the Merniews and warmness of the family that is keeping the beautiful ship floating in this era of cut throat competition.

There have been quite emotional moments too. When brutal Delhi gang rape occurred in Dec 2012, I wrote couple of articles focusing on the tragic issue. When the victim died, I wrote an article at the dawn of the day, around 06:30 AM. 

I called the editorial team asking him to publish the article at the earliest considering the gravity of situation as the whole nation was tracking the tragedy. Within couple of minutes, I saw my article dedicated to the Nirbhaya finding space on the news portal.

Though I am regularly writing for the wonderful website, they never thought me fit enough for a columnist. I am now a published author too, recently released my dream book, "Gender Discrimination: An Indian Perspective", dedicated to a significant social cause, gender atrocities, crime, oppression against women/ girl children. On the same pivotal subject, I conduct workshop too, a modest endeavour to bring about a paradigm shift in the psyche of patriarchal society.