My new email address
Ananya.s.guha | 01 Mar 2012

This is a spoof on a sample email which does the rounds in the twenty first century! - Of our importance.

Dear All,

I have changed my email ID to: byxzgqr@email.com. Please ignore my gmail ID, my rediff mail ID, my yahoo ID, my ymail ID. Please write only to this ID as the others will not respond to your mail. I am flooded with 2,000 mails a day. Hope you will understand and, thanks for the co-operation!

Also please note my new mobile number. It is: 91-11-3678306060. Kindly contact this number only as it becomes difficult for me to handle four mobiles at a time. Also note, that during vacation time I do Not respond to mails, nor to mobiles, as things are very very hectic and I become mobile.

I apologize for all the un-replied emails, as during the time of work, office and evenings I do not reply to emails. I also need quality time with my family. Please forgive me for this. There are times when there is an auto reply. Please be patient because, after this reply there will be a non-auto reply. After I come back from the vacations that I take every year I will individually respond to each one of you. However, if I miss out anyone, please forgive me.

I appreciate the time and hard work you put in to reply to all my emails. Thanks!

Cheers and have a great day ahead.

Sent from my Blackberry Mobile dated: 01.03.2012 at 11.00 hrs.