My teachers were fun loving people but they made me depressed
Satbir Singh Bedi | 12 Sep 2014

When I was studying in Class V at Government High School, Nabha, my teacher asked me, "Satbir, could you go to the garden of Maharaja of Nabha and bring for me a bag full of Charmakh (a kind of fruit) as I have to prepare its pickle?"

Seeing me hesitant, he told me, "Of course, you are no good. You cannot steal Charmakh from Maharaja's garden because you are a lollypop man and the gardener will catch you and beat you. So, I will send somebody else."

The teacher's observation made me depressed as I thought that I was no good. Then, while I was studying in the final year of B. Sc. my Chemistry teacher became quite friendly with me and asked me, "Satbir, had you ever had a liaison with a girl?" When I answered in the negative, he told me, "You are no good." That again left me depressed and I thought that I was really no good.

After passing the final examination of B.Sc, I went to the Punjabi University, Patiala for doing M.Sc (Maths with specialization in Operations Research Group). There I came to know that my Chemistry teacher of B.Sc days had gone to Australia and was having fun with Australian girls. However, while I was studying at the Punjabi University, the teacher who was teaching me "Numbers Theory" was always full of drinks and could never let his students know the answers which they wished to seek. So, I was zero in this subject.

Similarly, the teacher who taught us "Differential Equations" cut jokes and could hardly explain the subject. So, I was another zero in this subject also. Finally, my teacher who taught us "Statistics" was a very religious man who told us various exploits of Kunti and her liaisons with gods with religious fervour. So, that made me complete zero in the subject.

The result was that I had to quit the first year examination of my M.Sc (Maths with specialization in Operations Research Group) and come back home to face my father's wrath who told me that I am no good. Then I thought about my teachers. They were fun loving people but were brainy enough to pass their examinations and obtain degrees. However, they cared too hoots for their students.