Mytaxcafe Launches CA Assisted E-filing Services
Satish Bhatia | 02 Jul 2015

E-filing portal mytaxcafe.com has launched numbers of CA assisted e-filing services.

The CA services have been devided in number of categories which are: Salary plus, Rent Plus, Assets Plus, Business Plus. The pricing of CA assisted e-filing is as below.

* Salary plus: Rs. 499

* Rent plus: Rs. 799

* Assets plus: Rs. 1499

* Business plus: Rs. 2499

The Salary plus plan covers income from salary & interest or other income. The Rent plus plan covers income from salary, interest and house rent. The Assets plus plan covers income from salary, interest, house rent/Loan, sale of share/property. The Business plus plan covers income from salary, interest, house rent/loan, sale of share/property, and Business or profession.

The recently released CA assisted e-filing plans will certainly help mytaxcafe.com to better position itself in ever growing market of e-filing service providers in India.

With the presence of already established e-filing service providers suchas Clertax.in, Taxspanner, HRBlock India, etc., the road to success is not that easy for mytaxcafe. So, the product innovation & frequence release of new services will prove effective for mytaxcafe to better tackle the growing competition in this segment.

 Also, mytaxcafe has also released free e-filing service offering over its portal. Launch of free e-filing services is not a new phenomenon in Indian e-filing market as the same has already been done by some other e-filing service providers such as cleartax.in. So, it remains to be see how free e-filing services offering turn out for mytaxcafe.com to grow its user base in the long run.