Nabakalebara 2015,The new Appearance :SRI JAGANATH

As a person puts on new dress, giving up old one, the soul similarly of SRI JAGANATH (The deity of Jaganath) in Puri (ONE IMPORTANT DHAM AMONG 4 DHAM OF HINDU RELIGION). Put in place which accepts new material bodies, giving up the old and useless ones.

This above rituals are placed secretly which is famously known as "NABA KALEBARA"(NEW APPEARANCE) that follows once in every 12 years at Puri in the state of Odisha. As per this ritual, several secret processes are followed secretly inside "SRI MANDIRA" (Temple Jaganath) after which the "Deity" is changed. The kinds of trees which are used for this specific purpose are NEEM, Musk and Sandalwood.

As per the ethics the "BIGRAHA"(the wooden made Jaganath) should be changed into new one before end of "ASHADHA"(,the 1st month of rainy season).The choice of wood to change the Deity is considered wood of specific combination.The wooden deities of Jaganath Temple are changed  within specific gap of years and the supreme power  must be installed from the old one to the new one, by secret rituals followed by some specific priests of the said temple.

The Location of this sacred trees to be used for deities, certain specific guidelines are followed systematically under the supervision of Temple Administration with the help of Odisha State Government. The wood which is meant for this sacred ritual is known as "DARU BRAMHA"(Lord Vishnu in a life of tree).The needed four trees are located by a divine intervention of "MAA MANGALA"(Mother of well wishers) after the worship perform by the Priests of Jaganath temple to "MAA MANGALA"( Mother of well wishers).It is strongly believed that the Goddess appears before the Priest in Chief and reveals the location of this holy tree.

This year Puri Gears Up For Nabakalebara 2015 after the sacred trees are located they are cut down after appropriate ritual observance. The logs are then transported by small carts pulled by devotees all the way till the temple at Puri and  is kept inside the temple premises.On the midnight of a specific prior decided day as per the" Bhagbat"(Holy book of Hindu Religion) on ASADHA MASA KRUSHNA CHATUDASHI(ON THE LAST WEEK OF 1ST HALF OF THE RAINY SEASSON) the soul is transferred from the old Deity to the New one by the Priest in Chief of temple secretly. After this the new deities are worshiped and the old deities buried in the sand ,inside temple premises. Elaborate rituals, numerous myths and several celestial incidents are attached to this auspicious affair. The exact procedure of the transformation of images have been mentioned in the Sanskrit manuscripts written on palm leaves which are kept in the temple. Only the three head priests of the temple have the sole responsibility of reading and interpreting them.

As the images of the Almighty Sri Jagannath bound to be made of wood, the priests must first locate an appropriate tree. As a rule, Neem (Margossa) trees are used to carve out the images of Lord Jagannath. Now no ordinary Neem (Margosa) tree can be used for this purpose. The tree which will be used has to fulfill many conditions. Lord Jagannath is dark in color. So the neem tree from which his deities is to be carved out should be dark; whereas the trees which would be used for the deities of his brother and sister are lighter in color; as his siblings are fair! The Neem tree for Lord Jagannath must have four principal branches – symbolizing four arms of Narayana. There must be a water body near the tree – like a river or a large pond and a cremation ground nearby. An ant-hill should be close to the tree and at the roots of the tree there must be a snake-pit of a cobra. No bird must have made nests in the tree; and no branches would have broken or cut. The tree has to be located near a three-way or would be surrounded by three mountains. No creepers must have grown on the tree and there have to be Varuna, Sahada and Vilva trees  (these three trees are not very common) close by. There have to be a hermitage and a temple of Lord Shiva in the vicinity. The most amazing requirement  which reflex the supernatural religious believe of making new deities of Lord Jaganath is that , on the tree trunk there must be natural impressions of conch-shell and chakra, the weapons which are seen in the hand of "VISHNU"(The creator) as per the Hindu Religion.

 It is said that if anybody from outside this select group happens to see any of this ceremony, be it from a roof top or otherwise, they will surely die.The Government of Odisha  therefore orders a full blackout of light on this one night in the whole town of Puri. This  super religious spiritual  of Sri Jganath the " Nava Kalevar(New appearance) " draws millions of people from across the world