Nandigram + Existence = Election + Change
Dibakar Sarkar | 30 Mar 2009

Change is the only mass instrument, which has a serious role to play in the ensuing Election. People of West Bengal saw the neat butchery at Nandigram, and NANO is the lost bird of the WB government. Change is necessary. And change is the grammatical


To exist or not to exist that is the after-Nandigram question. I don't know where to go and how to exist. Still I feel it is a million dollar question as to who will govern the next 5 years at a stretch. I mean to say that to exist or not to exist that is the after-Marx question.

West Bengal should pull down the Ministers from their chairs – to “make a change” – as behind the pulling-down the common have no other job to be done at present.
I don't say that making a change would do the citizens a great favour, BUT, changes are sheerly necessary if our inward eyes are in search of a new vista.
NANO is not a serious issue to be cried over. The baby four-wheeler is not that necessary on the breast of Kolkata. It is not necessary for us to buy a car of luxury. More necessary is it to concentrate on the sector of the underprivileged and do something good. We, the citizens, have been facilitated with enough cascades of development. We have hospitals and nursing homes at a stone's throw. Still, there is a plethora of villagers and citizens of city-outskirts, thronging to NRS, PG and RG Kar Medical College. It is necessary to build hospitals in the villages first. It is our moral duty to at least look after the village health.
Still the majority of us feel NANO is a greater issue to be talked about than to think over the premature breakdown of village health. We feel it because the dead body of a villager is not as charismatic as the sleek figure of the babysitter.
It is a simple joke that if the rulers come back, the babysitter politicians will drain the infertile cadres first, since they proved a zilch in bleaching Nandigram. What would happen then, to the cadres drained out? Think, they left the Left with the mission impossible.
It takes millions to make a state. So, million hopes and million trusts the Government is endowed with. However, the ruling government resorts to the material happiness of the well-off citizens of Kolkata, the outdated “Kallolini Tilottama”, and pushes the poor to the state of being poorer. The wide gap between the haves and the have-nots becomes wider. The market price is climbing heavens. And that's why one's economic prosperity aggravates other's adversity.
We saw in the Mayakovsky-creased eyebrows of the Chief Minister of West Bengal an uncouth brutality. “They have been paid back by their own coins”. This idiom took a newfangled meaning and tortured everyone but the white-collared citizens. Those who are impoverished are ignored too. When the Election knocks at the door, rice has touched its rock-bottom price, Rs 2/kg (a poor game-plan really!). When the Election knocks at the door, cheques and hard cash are doled out to the impoverished. The impoverished are bought and sold in this cruel entertainment. And when we are driven away by the wrangle of Sourav's captaincy in Knight Riders, Nandigram leaks out from our minds. To overthrow all that are existing may be the trustworthy tryst for all the Marxists. But the world has no respectful place for the cowards who use bullets to fight shy of the mass anger.
“Our god is the god of speed, / Our heart – our battle drum.” (“Our March”, Mayakovsky)
So it's time to charm the dancing hood of the Government. And if we cannot overthrow them, who believe in the god of speed like the American, whose definition of development centres on the City Centers and Shopping Malls, the future children will jeer at us saying that their forefathers had not possessed any brains of political development.
Think, we are unsafe till the Ministers are safe.
Let us bring forth a change. If the change tastes the same melancholy and monotony and megalomania, we would have a chance to change the changed. Think, we are human beings, and we are, at least, to exist. To overthrow the ruthless government is the first best five-year plan taken up as a sign of moral development.