Nandini Azaad: Mission for deprived people
Anil Sharma | 11 Sep 2006

Daughter of a South Indian social worker, daughter in law of a political family and a wife of an IPS officer has indulged in new vision with dedication for unprivileged people of the society. She unde

Daughter of a South Indian social worker, daughter-in-law of a political family and wife of an IPS officer has indulged in new vision with dedication to the unprivileged people of the society.
She understands that without going to rural areas you could not change the life of the poor peoples. She is convinced that doing seminar in Delhi and discussion in English is no use because these seminars are away from the realities.
Her mission for the last twenty years has been to uplift the social & economic status of rural women those are living in the destitute conditions. For that she has constituted The Independent commission for Peoples, an NGO.
She works as a secretary in the NGO and at this capacity she giving the impetus to succeed the mission who lives in the remote areas. She is sympathetic from her childhood for those who are even not getting basic necessities in their life. Her mother Arunachalam was a social worker and she understands her mother’s mission towards unprivileged societies.
Without any second thought she has selected this field as her career. To understand more about the social sector she has opted Sociology as her subject. After marriage she has continued her work and tries to balance her married life. She got married in a political family so initially every one noted her social activities as political. Also, no one took her work seriously but after sometime everything has settled down.

She has given more honoured by Sahitya Academy. In her credit more than two dozen poetry collection, short stories and novels. Her every creation is unparalleled. Her every creation was full of natural love and impact of different ideas. Her poetic creation was with revolution in life and vibrancy has naturally attracted the readers.

Writer Mridula Sinha accepts that nature has betrayed us we have lost a great guide who has established a new standards and platform for Indian female writers. In her biography Raseedi Ticket she has dedicated one chapter to Kailash Bajpai, has says that, she had always be inquisitive and her life was influenced with prophets. Mradula Sinha accepts that different dogma and self reliance has not given new colors in her personal life rather her reformer style also subjugated. Kamleswar also endorsed Mradual’s views. Kamleswar said in her poems we could find that women feelongs were completely dried that is the poems touched the heart.

She loved by deep heart and she tolerate it. This endorsed it by her initially writer days when she expressed her spade of feelings for famous poet Sahir Ludhiyanvi and after love her fervent love with Imroj and image of relationship comes vivid. That is the reason her book “Suneara” collection of poems was awarded with Sahitya Akademi and established as one of the best collection. We could not encircled her work otherwise it looks to ignore her other works.

She has faced the trauma of partition. One of her poem “Azz Aakhan Varis shah noo” has established that she tried to join the hearts of the peoples of both countries. She always fights in her life by her own mean and strength. A remarkable chapter of literature has been closed by her death. But in her words she always be remembered and alive for long, it is tribute to her.