NAPM to focus on Land ordinance and AP's Green Field Capital in Delhi
Narendra Ch | 17 Jan 2015

The NAPM organizing a day-long workshop on Land Ordinance, Corporate Land Grab and Green Field Capital for Andhra Pradesh at Constitution Club, New Delhi on Jan 19.

NAPM deplored that in response to promulgation of the Land Ordinance by the NDA governemnt there has been a slew of responses and protests from people's movements, farmers union, political parties and many others.


It says this has been clearly done to please Corporate Houses and in an unethical and undemocratic manner. The Ordinance is against the principles and objectives laid out in the "Right to Fair Compensation, Transparency in Land Acquisition, Rehabilitation and Resettlement Act, 2013".

NAPM accused that one of the immediate fallout of the Ordinance is the large scale land grab proposed in the name of development of a new 'greenfield' capital city of Andhra Pradesh near Vijayawada in Guntur District. The proposal is to replicate Singapore as the new capital of AP. Projections by GoAP says that the new capital will require 31,000 (Phase I) acres of land from 29 Villages, to go up to 1 lakh acres in subsequent phases. 'Pooling' of prime farming land has commenced inspite of opposition from farmers, sharecroppers, workers and others.

In this regard,NAPM noted that Chandigarh which is the most acclaimed greenfield capital city only acquired less than 9000 acres in Phase 1, and less than 6000 acres in Phase 2. This low-rise-low-density city has a population of just over one million 6 decades after the commencement of its development. In the event the need for such massive quantum of land for the new AP Capital is intriguing.

NAPM conducted a fact finding in early December in the villages to be impacted by the proposed capital city. Since, then we have been in a process of organising public debates and dialogues on this issue. This has become an extremely important issue, especially in the light of the recent Ordinance promulgated by the Union government amending many key provisions of the LARR 2013. A round table meet on this Issue was organised by NAPM in Hyderabad on January 5, 2015.


According to NAPM national convenor B.Ramakrishnam Raju, the impressionbeing gathered by the 'massive capital city' in AP and the Central Ordinance gives out one clear message that people's consent and rights will not be respected in order to facilitate real estate development and profit for corporate houses. 


In the age of Marker Reforms it is being propagated that agriculture and farming that feeds and clothes (cotton) 120 crore Indian and provide fodder to the vast multitude of bovine population is inferior and lifeless activity and does not form part of 'Development' whereas urbanisation and industrialisation are superior and throbbing activities which is real 'Development'.  Can this be countenanced, he asked.

It in this context to discuss these and related issues, they said they are organising this workshop for an interactive dialogue with activists, farmers, experts, researchers, political leaders and administrators.