National convention of workers demand equal wages for equal work
V K Gupta | 28 Apr 2017

National convention of regular and contract workers and engineers of electricity Industry demanded that pending abolition of the system of engaging contractor workers in permanent and perennial nature jobs and regularization of all existing contract workers, the law on same wage and benefits for similar work as permanent workers must be strictly implemented.

The convention on equal wage for equal work was organized by the Electricity Employees Federation of India (EEFI) convention at New Delhi. Tapan Sen member Parliament,  Shailendra Dubey Chairman All India power Engineers Federation  K O Habib and P N Chudhary  along with other national leaders addressed the convention.

The convention   expressed serious concern over the massive engagement of contract, casual and part time workers even in permanent and perennial jobs in generation, transmission & distribution of electricity. The rampant privatization and dismantling of public sector units is shocking proof of the big corporate captive character of the NDA Government at centre and at states ruled by BJP.  Government Departments, public sector units and private employers are recklessly engaging contract labours in gross violation of rules.

Shaliendra Dubey said that system of engagement of contract workers in transmission and distribution area is very pathetic. Workers are not getting their legitimate benefits due to unlawfully engaged contractors backed by management of the power utilities. Operation and maintenance of Power system, now-a-days, has become totally dependent upon contract workers.

Tapan Sen said that the contract worker system has reached the worst stage during the two decades of neo liberal economic policy regimes Today even in core operational high skilled and extremely risk prone jobs are carried by contract workers without any training and safety protection, One of the consequences is loss of human lives to countless extent

 This convention noted with grave concern that the workers are compelled to work, for more than 8 hours in violation of statute. They are doing similar nature of jobs with permanent workers but denied wages, DA and many essential allowances and social security benefits.

K O Habib said that even the apex court has abundantly cleared that the responsibility about contractor workers rests mainly with principal employers.  Further in order to avoid their liability under labour statutes, employers are very often resorting to subterfuge by trying to show that their employees are in fact, the employees of contractor. It is high time this subterfuge must come to an end. Principal Employers must be responsible to ensure all benefits arising out of the applicability of the statutes are extended to all contractor workers.

 Convention demanded in a resolution that "Equal Wages for Equal work" must be guaranteed