Natwest T20 Blast Semi Final Matches Prediction
Prasant | 31 Aug 2015

Today there are both of the semi finals in the ongoing Natwest T20 blast series. Its a thrilling day for England's cricket fans. According to numerology prediction, Warwickshire and Lancashire seems to have winning chance today.

Once again, it is the pattern of the match date which is more exciting than what the matches could be.

27= 56 + 8 [Saturday]= 64

The 64 is quite interesting, when the four expands to 5, it becomes 65. And there is a 56 which would become 57 then, increasing the 29 to 30.

When we deduct the 56 from 99, we get 43. And 99- 65= 34. This number is common to both the team captains in the Northamptonshire v Warwickshire match.

Alex Wakely' birth date complete pattern add to 3 + 31= 34. And on the other hand, Varun Chopra's complete birth date total is 34. Originally, the date pattern has 56= 43, bad for Varun more. But, the 9 in 29 could mean reading the digits in Urdu style- Right to left [I feel so]. On that basis, his winning chance.

Guess scores- 177, 142, 160

Astro hint- Second batting lagna, if begins at 5 pm, win chance. If at 5-10 pm, gulikyan is aspecting the second lagna- defeat signs.

In the other match, Lancashire team captain Croft' birth date 11 is directly matching with 56, this gives defeat under normal cases. Since the date, itself is 29=11, one can expect a win, instead.

Astro hint- First batting is conjunct moon, but Sun is aspecting from 7th house- weakness. Still, it is own house Sun's aspect- nice. Second batting lagna, if 8-30 pm, has gulikyan in square- defeat signs. If 8-40, strongly aspected by own house Sun- win chance.