Videla Sarath Chandra | 07 Oct 2008

What is the problem with our own brothers?From what we are fighting.What makes them to fight and kill their own brothers and sisters who are INDIANS?

What is the problem with our own brothers?From what we are fighting.What makes them to fight and kill their own brothers and sisters who are INDIANS?

Naxalism is the unmystery file which is not solved for many years. From where Naxalism has started, who propagated Naxalism? What is its main aim? Why the people are joining in Naxalism? Why the Indians are fighting against the Indians? Why they are killing the people by blasting bombs in buses, trains...etc. Why they are living away from us? What is the objective they want to reach? They are sacrificing their life’s for whom? What is the motive that is behind joining of youngsters in Naxalism? For Naxals, who is enemy, Political Parties, capitalists, Government? What lead them to catch the gun and fight?

Naxals are not born, they are victims in the life. Poor people join into the Naxals because they faced many problems like lack of food, education. They are not treated as men in the society. When they seek help, there is no one to offer a hand to the victims. This has disturbed their minds and this leads them joining the Naxals. Their thought is that Naxalism is the only solution to change the society. People from different castes and from different economic status join in the Naxalite stream. There are many hundreds of polices from many years and many years but Naxals are not eradicated. What is the reason behind this? There are the different reasons responsible for this. There may be some political or other pressure on them. Which is never stopped? Political parties play a major role in this they don’t want to solve the problem because they want reasons to go to next elections and they don’t want to lose any vote bank. Today political pressure is existing in all departments which should not be a good sign for the well being of the society.

All say, that Naxals should be killed or a common practice to the police is killing them in encounter. No one thinks about the point where the Naxalism has started? Naxalism started only due to the difference in rich and poor existing in the society. Naxals war is about that any poor man should not die with hunger. Every poor child should be educated. Every poor man should get nutricious food. Naxalism should be changed and brought into the main stream but not to be killed what ever the reason be, they are Indians. We leave many terrorists who want to destroy the other country in the name of mercy but the mercy is not shown on our brothers who are Indians.

Naxals did not reach their destination even after many years of war, due to the reason that they are used by some unscrupulous politicians. But they are unaware of this. Their destination is impressive but the route which they chosen are wrong. They are used by anti-social elements for blasting the power station, railway station, buses...etc to create disturbance in the society.

Government should take some preventive steps like education and upliftment of the poor so that people don't join in the Naxalism but solution is not to kill them one is dead, others join. We should bring awareness in the tribal villages. Our government schemes should reach the people and it should be used to help them. Then there will be no question of joining Naxalites. We should encourage them in all the ways which is helpful to them.

This is purely my opinion and not blaming any one on any aspect .If I hurt anybody "I am saying SORRY UNCONDITIONALLY".

Thank you for all who give me a chance to express my views.