Naxalite Attacked Private Bus in Chhattisgargh killed 50 Passengers
Anand Krishnan | 18 May 2010

Naxalite Attacked Private Bus in Chhattisgargh killed 50 Passengers .



In a Recent Incident today 17/05/2010 the deadly organization Naxal attacked a Private Bus Killing at least fifty Passengers including 15 special police officers , the passengers were at least 60 on board .


The Naxalite attacked by IED with land mine blasted the bus and the bus was towards Sukuma at Dantewada  in chhattisgargh .


The Private Bus was hit by Land Mine and Blasted  the bus was going towards Sukuma at around 4:30 pm, the Private bus was carrying police officials , Civilians and  police officials ignored all instructions not going on govt official vehical and went in private bus .

But still again a loop hole went off for Naxalite  that Naxalite may get information and they attacked this bus in which the police officials were traveling because Naxal generally not attacked Private passengers and at last moment it was done .


In past month only 76 to 80 CRPF Jawans killed by these Naxalites and a 9 more CRPF Jawans killed in recent days and still the Home Minister is not serious  for these issue and telling for Indain Army to be deployed for these Naxal attacks but ignoring all these the innocent people & police officials are killed by this deadly organization so the Home Minister as well as Defense Minister to take immediate and serious action to wash out this organization other wise another attack will be occur  and more  innocent  people will be sufferer .


Anand Krishnan

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