Need a strong law against rapists
Nidhi | 28 Apr 2011

India has now become the worst place to live for women. Everyday we hear a lot of crimes against women. Can you all please tell me where we should go?

RECENTLY, I heard about another shameful sin against a woman, and it took place in Maharashtra where a 17-year old girl died after being alleged raped by her father’s former employer.
Why every time men show his physical power over the women to show her that he is stronger than her  and how can he forget this thing that she is also a human being and he is not only tortured her physically but in actual he tortured her soul.
Why always he projected her as an object, why? But the fact is that women is much stronger than him because she is the one who give him a birth and responsible for his existence on earth and he forgets this thing completely.
On one side the women’s like Sonia Gandhi, Sheila Dixit, Kiran Bedi, Mayawati shows the strongest side of the women that now women is also a superior than all the genders and on the other side these kind of shameful sin committed every day at every place.
Today India is suffers from a many problems and women’s safety is one of them.
In India, the punishment of rape criminal is only 7 years prison, now you tell me the person who makes one individual a living corpse, is this punishment enough for him?
Girls not filled their FIR in the police station because they know nothing will happen. Now there is need of making a strong law against this problem so that everyone thinks 100 times before committed this sin.