Negligence by CM of Bihar and Patna DM led the Gandhi Maidan stampede

On Monday one day Protest meeting against the Ravan vadh, Gandhi Maidan Stampede was organized by the Patna Mahanagar BJP near Kargil Chouk, Patna. In this this protest meeting about 150 senior BJP political leaders like MP and cine star Shatrughan Sinha, former Deputy CM of Bihar Sushil Kumar Modi, MLA Arun Kumar Sinha, Nitin Navin, Sanjeev Chaurasiya, TN Singh,Brajesh SinghRaman,Archana Ray and other BJP workers were present.

"Negligence by CM of Bihar and Patna DM led the Gandhi Maidan stampede.This horrible killer

Stampede on the eve of Ravan Badh at Gandhi Maidan ,Patna was a murder, not a tragedy.About

33 innocent women and children were trampled in a stampede due to fake rumour about electric

current at the south main gate of Gandhi Maidan near Ram Ghulam Chouk in Patna. Amazingly

after the Ravan Badh the CM of Bihar Jeetan Ram Manjhi visited Jahanabad and his village

Mahnar (Gaya) for eating family feast of spinach vegetable in dinner.Patna DM Manish Kumar

Verma was celebrating his son's birthday at Hotel Maurya, Patna.At 6: 45 pm the bloody Ravan

Leela started in the dark Gandhi Maidan in which about 33 innocent women and children trampled in stampede. About one hundred people injured." said Sushil Kumar Modi former Deputy CM of Bihar in the protest meeting near Kargil Chauk at North Gandhi Maidan in Patna.

"Bihar Government should show the CCTV footage of the Gandhi Maidan tragedy to the media

and the people.There must be criminal cases against all accused of this tragedy under the 302 Act of IPC for the justice. The people of Bihar has the right to know the real truth about the bloody

tragedy of Gandhi Maidan stampede.There should all party committee for the real investigation.

There is no need for CBI investigation. A common man can also find the real cause of the this

tragedy. Rupees 10 lakhs and government job should be given to all victims family," Modi

further added.

"On Sunday evening when we were paying peaceful tribute to the departed souls of Gandhi

Maidan Stampede victims at Ram Ghulam Chauk,Patna.Suddenly Patna cops started lathi charge

on us but I somehow saved myself. But unfortunately, I was arrested by the Patna cops forcibly.By

God's grace I was released after the help of the state BJP president Mangal Pandey,MLA Arun

Kumar Sinha and MLA Nitin Navin at 10 pm in the night."said Archana Ray member state working committee BYJM,Patna to this citizen journalist.

On this occasion cine star and BJP MP Shatrughan Sinha,MLA Arun Kumar Sinha,MLA Nitin

Navin,Sanjeev Chaurasiya,TN Singh,Brajesh SinghRaman,Archana Ray and some senior BJP

workers also expressed their views against the tragedy. The programme was organized under the

president ship of Sitaram Pandey and anchored by Ganesh Kumar.