NetAlter Software Ltd Launches Community Hotline and Matrimonial Hotline Social Networking Solutions
Ram | 07 Apr 2008

NetAlter Software Ltd has launched the first series of social networking software products today. These products are based on its patented NetAlter System.

NetAlter Software Limited has revealed that; it has developed two unique software products for the social networking segment. These are Community Hotline and Matrimonial Hotline. Both these products are based on the NetAlter Technology platform.

Community Hotline is a client server based, multi user, multi branch social networking software that offers small and large communities a solution that connects remote branches anywhere in the world with their Head Office and also individual community members.

Matrimonial Hotline is a client server based, Single or multi user, multi branch match making software that offers small and large dating agencies, matchmaking bureaus a solution that connects remote affiliates and branches anywhere in the world with their Head Office and also individual members.

The USP of both solutions is that they offer disconnected access mode; which means their data can be accessed even when the user is not connected to the internet.

Using a user friendly single screen interface, these two products offer features not generally available with web based solutions such as high level of privacy and data security, connectivity to hardware devices such as scanners, interface to third party software, domain to domain data migration, and more.

The products are available in various versions such as Personal and Desktop version for single user usage to more advanced Office Admin and Super Admin versions that enable a large community or match making agency to centrally control the membership activities of all its branches and affiliates.

The solutions can be upgraded online and does not require installing additional third party software for its operations.

Besides these two products, NetAlter Software Ltd is also offering utilities such as CD Viewer/Writer, Email Manager and Web Manager, which can be seamlessly integrated with Community Hotline and Matrimonial Hotline software and also offer additional features such as integrated private email and messaging, file and data sharing.

About NetAlter Software Ltd

NetAlter Software has been a pioneer in developing innovative solutions for social and business networking. It has already developed or is under various stages of prototype development 7 different products and has plans to develop a secured P2P Browser which will offer an alternative to present web based applications and solutions. Presently, NetAlter Software Ltd is looking development, marketing and financial partners to develop and market its products and services. For more information, visit www.netalter.com