New ideas- india
Heer, Indian | 01 Mar 2008

The simple truth about India is its time to change the whole constituion and to be made by the public. Like.....

In the next sixty years there are many things which could be thought of for improving our India. Innovative ideas are required.

"India needs to go under proper hands i.e it should ruled by a proper government. What if each political party is given a time of three months to prove themselves and on that basis they are given the power- decided by the public. There are many things that India needs to change, some of them are:

1. A true leader from the public having new ideas, each section having a young and an old because the old cannot have the vision and the young cannot have the experience.

2. India's national game HOCKEY should be given importance or cricketshould be made the national game.

3. Its time for the Indian team to have an Indian coach.

4. Each and everyone should serve the defence forces(not the minister) in the smallest way possible.

5. Women should be treated equally, i mean not more by giving reservations.

6. All kinds of reservations on caste etc should be removed.

7. The pay scale for the police forces should be increased as that is one of the reason for them being corrupt.

These are just very few, its you the students who have to start now. Enough of injustice, so are we ready?

Jai hind."

I request you to please do the needful because as an Indian you can do this by making the voice reach to all of them. Having lots of expectations. JAI HIND.