New Jersey to host international speech and debate tournament
Dr. Lalit Kishore | 24 Mar 2014

A speech and debate tournament, open to 3rd-12th graders from around the world, is going to be held on March 29 in New Jersey (NJ). According to the organizer, Kapoor Singh of Ivy Gurukul, the event is open to students from around the world and one can participate either online, via a live video conference from anywhere in the world, or in person at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in New Brunswick, NJ.

"Ivy Gurukul is a community of exceptionally talented 3rd-12th grade students, some of whom are nationally accomplished speakers or debaters, world-ranked junior golfers, or inspiring budding leaders," informs the website of Ivy Gurukul.

The organization feels that the fear of public speaking ranks as the number one fear; even ahead that of death. Consequently, around 75% of the world's population exhibits symptoms of the fear of public speaking thus causing them to miss out on academic, social, and career opportunities. Therefore, coaching and tournaments in public speaking and debate are helpful in overcoming the stage fear.

Ivy Gurukul's speech and debate tournament is programme-based in which weekly one-hour coaching classes are held for five weeks to build confidence and develop articulation. As a tournament, every 6th week, local students participate in a face-to-face event at a local venue in NJ and others on-line.

At the national and international level, for championship style tournaments, medals are awarded, speeches are video-recorded and parents as well as friends are invited to the awards giving function.