Newly built water tank starts leaking in Allahabad city
Vinod Anand | 24 May 2012

The residents of Daryiabad, Jogighat, Kakkarnagar and adjoining localities were expecting an end to their daily water woes with the construction of a new water tank.

BUT THE newly-built water tank started leaking when the water was filled in it on Sunday (20th May 2012). Further, the newly laid pipelines in these areas too are not functioning properly, thereby adding to more water problems.Residents allege that poor quality material was used in the construction of the water tank and that is why it has started leaking once water was filled in it.An irked Atif Umar, a resident of Dariyabad, said: "It seems there is no accountability of the departments involved in providing water supply to the localities. On one hand, less amount of water is being supplied in the houses and on the other, newly installed water tank is leaking and water is being wasted. The departments concerned should have co-ordination so that the woes of the people can be minimized."

Mayor Jitendra Nath Singh, who inspected the localities on Sunday, has written to divisional commissioner urging him to take action in the matter. He has also asked the divisional commissioner to blacklist the contractors who constructed the said water tank.Mayor said that, "The construction of the water tank was flawed, that's why it started leaking. Further, Jal Sansthan officials are also not showing interest in taking the charge of the constructed water Dariyabad area which are leaking tanks and the laid pipelines and are adopting delaying tactics. As a result, people are facing problems."

Meanwhile, residents of Old City continue to grapple with acute water shortage. At times, the taps remain dry the entire day. Residents are making alternative arrangements for getting water. Zehra Khan, a resident of Dariyabad, rued that household chores come to a standstill due to shortage of water. The male members have to fetch water from other localities. Similar is the condition of Samdabad residents who have been complaining of water scarcity for past many days. Ahmed Khan, a resident of Samdabad, complainedthat water is not coming to the locality for the past several days.

He said people have to fetch water from the neighbouring areas. Jal Sansthan general manager BK Pandey said that due to erratic electricity supply, the water supply has also been affected. He said normal supply of water would soon resume in Dariyabad and other localities. Pandey added that the process of handing over the water tank to Jal Sansthan has not been finalized. "The problem would be rectified as soon as we get the charge. Presently, Jal Nigam is looking after the water tanks and pipelines," he said.