NGO Arrivesafe receives another threat message on Chandigarh Traffic Police Facebook by ?Cow White?
HARISH DIDO | 10 Aug 2013

Chandigarh : Harman Sidhu Arrivesafe who is running an NGO fArrivesafe to fight against the social causes in our society has received another threatening message on Chandiarh Traffic Police Facebook page by a person named as ?Cow White? reading as under :

Cow White - @harman sidhu ..I stand by my words. I'm the real king of cyber kingdom.. I will do whatever I say and nothing whatsoever can stop me from passing any order...my order will hold u back along with all ur powerful resources....I'll leave u and ur workers speechless and helpless (without any physical harm)..u know very well what i mean..just wait for few months…


Through an email to this correspondent Harman Arrivesafe, who wheelchair-bound, has said, “Earlier, I had received a threat letter on 18th July 2013 "warning me" to withdraw the PIL filed in the Punjab and Haryana Court. The PIL is regarding the removal of Liquor Vends existing along the Highways in Punjab and Haryana. These liquor vends are unauthorized and are a major cause for road accidents and deaths. Probably, India is the only country where liquor is so easily available along the highways”. 


He further said, “I have decided that, in spite of these threats, I will not withdraw my Case since it is proven that drunken driving is one of the major causes of fatal road accidents. The presence of these vends distract the drivers and they are tempted to stop for drinking. The victims are mostly the only bread winners of the families and from the poorer strata ruining the whole family” 


The complaint regarding this fresh threat has been submitted to the Chandigarh Police Department. A DDR has already been registered in Police Station, Sector 19 regarding the previous threat. The case (CWP 25777 year 2012) is due for hearing on the 30th July 2013, he added.