NIIT and The reality
Rohit Jain | 12 Feb 2007

About how process flows inside NIIT, in actual. Shows how much they are co-operative.

We the Software Professionals working in Sector V, Kolkata would like to put to your notice a very sorry picture of the problems that we the Bachelor/Master degrees students of NIIT Ltd, Kolkata are facing presently. NIIT Ltd., a premier educational institute is having collaboration with Karnataka State Open University (KSOU), Mysore for Bachelor/Master degrees courses which we had enrolled for. Under this collaboration, NIIT is supposed to arrange for our final mark sheets.
 We attended the two-year course and paid more than Rs 25,000 for the course, exam fee, etc. Apart from this, NIIT took some extra fee as part of their center fee every semester. After completing the course in due time and appearing for the final exams in Jan’2006, we are still awaiting for the mark sheets. It has been more than a year we had appeared for the above mentioned exam, and still there is no trace of the mark sheets.
We enquired about the mark sheets from the NIIT Staff members including the Centre Head & Regional Head innumerable times, but never got a concrete answer regarding the issuance of mark sheets. Moreover, NIIT has started avoiding answering our queries regarding mark sheets and making lame excuses by transferring the calls to irrelevant people who have no answers to our queries.
 We are aggrieved of this because NIIT has an official collaboration with KSOU, and it is NIIT’s responsibility to issue us the same in due time since we have already paid for this. We were even asked by NIIT to contact KSOU directly, which we did but still did not yield any positive result. Due to this irresponsible behavior from NIIT’s end, our career seems to be at stake now.
We would like to highlight that most of us are Software Professionals working in Sector V, Kolkata. Many of our working colleagues are based out of Kolkata also. Even after risking our respective careers by taking leave from office and visiting NIIT premises in person ample number of times,  the only answer we got till now is "We are looking into the matter...cant give you any date....You should run after the university and not NIIT".
 We are writing to you so that this issue gets highlighted and the concerned officials take due note of the problems we are facing. Please help us in whichever way you can. We have All the necessary documents/proofs/NIIT’s-mails which can be presented whenever needed.
Looking towards you with much anticipation.

All the people of B.Sc(IT)/M.Sc(IT)