Nitish Kumar brings back smile in Bihar
Md Mudassir Alam | 08 Apr 2008

Personally I don’t like politicians, but few of them respect their job and understand their responsibility to the country and its people. Those few politicians are very popular among the common people and I also like them. Here it is not possible to mention the name of all those politicians, but I would like to praise Chief Minister of Bihar Nitish Kumar. Of course, a number of negative points can be counted against the Nitish Kumar headed NDA government, but what the positive things he has done in a short span of about 2.5 years is really commendable.

After 15-year black rule of RJD, suffered people of Bihar are now hoping for a bright future ahead. From farmers, students, government employees to businessmen all have started a new life now and getting good support from state government. Lots of development work is happening in the state capital Patna and it is on the way to become a developed capital city in all ways. With sincere efforts of Nitish Kumar big companies of the country and abroad are showing their interest to invest money in Bihar.

In fact, the list of achievements of Nitish Kumar is very long and only those who are residents of Bihar or seen the status of the state during both the regime of RJD and NDA can understand it better. I am one of those residents of Bihar and seen both the periods and was part of the sufferings during the RJD rule. Today what I am seeing in Bihar is unbelievable and it also gives me a reason to smile. Like me there are lakhs of families in Bihar who are happy with NDA government and spending a respectable life now.

RJD supremo Lalu Prasad Yadav is a national as well as international hero for bringing Indian Railways on the path of profit. Lalu's work after becoming Railway Minister is admirable and I do praise him for his recent works. However, for the people of Bihar he is nothing less than a villainous figure and only a small part of state population admire him. Reason is that all sections of the society suffered a lot during his 15 year black rule. When Lalu became chief minister he tried to make the education system of the state weaker and he also got success. Salaries of the lecturers, teachers were made irregular and it became very tough for them to run their families. The job openings for various teaching posts were put on hold. Only few thousands positions were filled for the primary teaching and less than thousand teachers were appointed for senior and senior secondary schools.

At the same time hopes of graduate and post graduate students expecting for a bright career were shattered and they did not got any job. In result a common thinking developed among the students as well as parents that education has not any value as job openings are negligible. With the passage of time the situation became more bad and educated and illiterate people of the state started to migrate towards other parts of the nation for earning bread.

In the year 2005 the time changed its course and NDA government came into power. Of course, people of the state brought the NDA into power but they were not expecting much from the new government. Just one month after coming into power, NDA government announced the appointment of more than one lakh primary, middle, secondary and senior secondary teachers. At that time it was appearing a tall claim made by the government, but NDA fulfilled its promise. Educated people who were doing jobs in factories or private companies in various parts of the country returned to their home with the new hope. A small salary of five or six thousands was not a big issue for them, but the job was more important for them. Within one year period, from 18 years young Intermediate (10+2) boys and girls to 50 year old tired trained graduates got job. Girls also got equal rights and 50 percent reservation was given to them. In generalised term, from every family one or two members became teacher and it filled new energy in their life.

Now the situation is changed, you can see the smile on the face of educated class as they got the reward of their hard labour. Primary, Middle and Secondary schools of the state have became once again alive with teachers and students. Difference between male and female child has also decreased, as the government has launched a number of projects for girls Those who had earlier lost faith over education are themselves sending their children towards schools, madarsas or colleges.

Moreover, what I feel today it can’t be expressed in words, I can only say Bihar would be certainly back to path of development shortly. On behalf of all I would like to thank Nitish Kumar for brining back smile on the face of state people, especially educated people.